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    Default Project management recipes for success

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    Project management recipes for success

    Project management recipes for success
    PDF | ISBN-13: 978-1-4200-7824-4 | 13.96 MB
    Genre: Project Management
    Includes bibliographical references and index.

    Purpose of This Book

    The purpose of this book is to provide the ingredients and procedures (call them the recipes) for achieving a successful project. It starts out by listing the ingredients and procedures for running a successful project, and conclude by explaining some of the finer points of managing and controlling the project. The procedures in project management are relatively simple to accomplish; project difficulties come not from doing them poorly but from not doing them at all.


    This book is written for three classes of people: those responsible for the hands-on planning and managing of projects, program managers who oversee project managers, and senior executives responsible for providing the guidance and financial support to project and program managers.




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