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    Default Preparedness and Survival Ebooks Collection

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    Preparedness and Survival Ebooks Collection
    English | PDF | Ebooks Collection | All In One | 443 MB

    A collection of 297 e-books on Preparedness, Survival, Communications, Medical, Fuel And Alternative Energy, Water, Fire, Heat, and Cooking, Food - Procuring, Storage and Preserving, Animals and Livestock, Construction Manuals And Building Plans and more.

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    - All Hazard Preparedness Workbook
    - ARC - Emergency Preparedness Checklist
    - ARC - Family Disaster Plan
    - ARC - Preparing for Emergencies
    - ARC - Supply Kit
    - Becoming Self-Sufficient for 6 Months
    - Bug-out List
    - Civil Preparedness Guide (FEMA)
    - Diabetes Disaster Guidelines
    - Disaster Handbook
    - Disaster Supply Kit
    - Emergency Plan
    - Emergency Survival Preparation
    - Family Disaster Plan
    - Family Emergency Handbook
    - Family Emergency Plan Template
    - FEMA Are You Ready
    - FEMA Checklist
    - In Home Shelter Manual
    - General Supplies
    - LA Fire Department Emergency Preparedness
    - Last Minute Preparations
    - LDS Preparedness
    - Mormon Emergency Preparedness
    - Pets
    - Preparing For Disaster For People With Disabilities
    - Social Distancing and Pandemic Readiness
    - Strengthening Exterior Doors
    - Surviving In The City
    - Taking Shelter From The Storm:

    - Biological Warfare FAQ

    - Chemical Emergencies
    - Emergency Response Guidebook

    - ARC - Are You Ready - Earthquakes
    - Earthquakes
    - Earthquakes Brochure
    - Earthquakes (National Disaster Education Coalition)
    - Fact Sheet - Earthquakes
    - FEMA - Earthquakes
    - Preparedness - Earthquake
    - USGS Earthquakes Brochure

    - EMP
    - EMP2
    -EMP System-Eng-Requirements

    Fire and Heat Waves.
    - ARC - Are You Ready - Fire
    - ARC - Are You Ready - Heat Wave
    - ARC - Are You Ready - Wildfires
    - Fact Sheet: Fires
    - Fact Sheet: Fire Safe
    - WildFires
    - Flood Preparation

    - Fact Sheet: Hurricanes
    - Hurricanes
    - Hurricanes 101
    - Hurricanes Brochure
    - Hurricanes Natures Furry
    - Preparedness Hurricanes

    - Emergency Response To Terrorism
    - Emergency Response To Terrorism Self Study
    - Terrorism

    - ARC - Are You Ready - Thunderstorm
    - Backgrounder - Thunderstorms
    - Fact Sheet - Thunderstorms
    - Severe Thunderstorms
    - Thunderstorms - Lightning Guide

    - ARC - Are You Ready - Tornado
    - Fact Sheet Tornadoes
    - Preparedness Tornadoes
    - Thunderstorms, Lightning, Tornadoes
    - Tornado Brochure
    - Tornadoes 101
    - Tornadoes
    - Tornadoes

    - ARC - Are You Ready - Flood
    - Fact Sheet - Flood
    - Fact Sheet - Landslides
    - Fact Sheet - Tsunami
    - Tsunami

    - Preparedness Volcano
    - Volcano

    Winter Storms.
    - Extreme Cold Prevention Guide
    - Fact Sheet - Winter Storms
    - Preparedness - Winter Storm
    - Winter Storms
    - Winter Storms
    - Winter Survival
    - Winter Survival Course Handbook

    Survival Books

    - Compact Survival Kit
    - King James Bible
    Use this to survive TEOTWAWKI
    - Survival Myths
    - Surviving The New World Order B. A. Brooks
    - US Army Aviation Survival Part I Survival Elements Psychological Aspects, And Survival Medicine
    - US Army Aviation Survival Part II Protection From The Environment
    - US Army Aviation Survival Part III Sustenance
    - US Army Aviation Survival Part IV Direction Finding, Signaling, And Recovery
    - US Army Camouflage
    - US Army mountaineering techniques (basic)
    - US Army mountaineering techniques (advanced)
    - USMC Individuals Guide For Understanding And \Surviving Terrorism
    - USMC Summer Survival Course
    - USMC Water Survival Course
    - USMC Winter Survival Course
    - Winter Survival Handbook
    - Winter Survival In Your Car

    Nuclear Survival.
    - 11 Steps - Nuclear Survival
    This pamphlet describes what YOU can do before and following a nuclear attack. You can greatly increase your family's and your own protection by taking the Eleven Steps to Survival
    - 120 Cities
    - Above Ground Fallout Shelter
    - Blast Fire Resistance
    - Civil Defense Shelters
    - Nuclear War Survival Skills
    The purpose of this book is to provide Americans and other unprepared people with information and self-help instructions that will significantly increase their chances of surviving a nuclear attack.
    - Nuclear Weapons Effects Handbook
    A collection of graphs, nomograms, and tabulated data most frequently used by the Radiological Scientific Officer
    - Nuke
    - Potassium Pill
    - Potassium Iodid
    - Radiological Defense Officers Course Manual
    - US Army NBC Decontamination
    - US Army NBC Protection
    - US Army Nuclear Contamination Avoidance
    - US Army Radiation Protection Manual
    - US Joint Services Treatment Of Nuclear And Radiological Casualties
    - World Wide Nuclear Effects
    - Wyoming Civil Nuclear Protection Program
    - Your Basement Fallout Shelter Guide To Basement Fallout Shelter
    - You Will Survive Doomsday
    Bruce Beach
    Explains the myths of Nuclear Fallout and Doomsday, plus gives tips and plans for surviving a nuclear attack

    .Wilderness and Outdoor Survival
    - Dangerous Animals
    - Desert Awareness
    - Plant Identification
    - Poisonous Plants
    - Signaling And Direction Finding
    - Homemade Traps And Snare
    - US Army How To Avoid Getting Lost
    - US Army How To Find Your Way


    - Primitive Survival Shelters
    - Shelter
    - Shelters, Shacks, And Shanties
    - Snow Shelters


    - Shortwave Radio 101
    - Shortwave Radio Handbook
    - The Radio Amateur's Handbook

    Medical, Health, Hygiene And First Aid

    - Base Camp Hygiene and Health
    - Bird Flu Diagnosis And Personal Hygiene
    - Cholera
    - Community Mitigation
    - Emergency Childbirth
    - Face Masks
    - First Aid Management Of Minor Injuries
    - Home Remedies
    - Hypochorites
    - Isolation Planning
    - Mass Casualty Planning And Burial
    - Medical Emergencies
    - Management Of Asthma
    - Migraine
    - Pandemic Flu Citizens Guide
    - Safe Burial Practices
    - Survival Medicine
    - US Army Field Hygiene And Sanitation
    - US Army First Aid
    - US Joint Services Teatment of Biological Warfare Agent Casualties
    - Wilderness Med Kit

    Fuel And Alternative Energy

    - Biodiesel Safety And Best Management Practices For Small-Scale And Non-Commercial Use And Production
    - Concentrated Solar Thermal Power
    - Foot Power
    - Heat, Light And Power
    - Home Heating In An Emergency
    - How To Build A Cheap Wind Machine For Pumping Water
    - Solar Power
    - Window Box Solar Collector Design
    - Winter Power Failure
    - Wood Gas Generator


    - ARC - Food and Water in Emergency
    - Build A Hand Pump
    - Emergency Disinfection of Drinking Water
    - Getting Started
    - How To Build A Cheap Wind Machine For Pumping Water
    - How To Make A Solar Still (Plastic Cover)
    - Priming the Berkey Water Filter
    - Purification Of Water On A Small Scale
    - Rainwater Harvesting
    - Simple Solar Still For The Production Of Distilled Water
    - Slow Sand Filters
    - Solar Photovoltaics For Irrigation Water Pumping
    - Water Purification
    - Water Treatment

    Fire, Heat, and Cooking

    - Alternate Cooking Methods
    - Bow Drill
    - Bucket Stove
    - Bush Fungus Stove
    - Bread Box Water Heater Plans
    - By Can
    - Coal Extenders
    - Cook Stove By The Tera CETA Method
    - Double Drum Sawdust Stove
    - Dutch Ovens
    - Expedient Cooking
    - Fighting Fire
    - Fireless Cooker
    - Fire Safety
    - Flint, Steal and Battery
    - Making Charcoal
    - Plumbers Stove
    - Rocket Stove
    - Sawdust Burning Space Heater Stove
    - Solar Cooking2
    - Thermos Bottle Cooking
    - Tinder Fungus

    Food - Procuring, Storage and Preserving

    - Animals For Food
    - Canning And Preserving Sarah Tyson Heston Rorer(1912)
    - Canning, Preserving and Jelly Making Hill, Janet McKenzie (1915)
    - Canning, Preserving and Pickling Marion Harris Neil (1914)
    - Carbohydrates
    - Dehydrating Food
    - Emergency Food For Babies
    - Essential Nutrient Sources
    - Food And Water In An Emergency
    - Foodborne Illnesses
    - Food Safety
    - Freezer Bag Meals
    - Gluten Free Survival Guide
    - Grains And Legumes
    - Growing And Harvesting Wheat By Hand
    - How To Dry Fruits And Vegetables
    - How To Make A Solar Cabinet Dryer For Agricultural Produce
    - How To Render Animal Fat
    - How To Salt Fish
    - Improvised Grain Mill
    - Keeping Food Safe During An Emergency
    - Mylar Bag Sealing Methods
    - One Year Food Supply For One Adult
    - Pantry Pests
    - Peddle Operated Grain Mill
    - Preserving Vegetables By Salting, Drying, And Storing United States. Food Administration. Division of Home Conservation (1918)
    - Sodium
    - Solar Food Drying
    - Stocking Food
    - Stocking For Small Spaces And Budgets
    - Storage And Rodents
    - Storage In The Home
    - Storage Of Wheat
    - US Army Basic Food Inspection Procedures
    - US Army Dairy
    - US Army Food Deterioration
    - US Army Fresh Fruits And Vegetables
    - US Army Poultry I
    - US Army Poultry II
    - US Army Preservation Of Foods
    - US Army Red Meats
    - US Army Shell Eggs
    - US Army Storage And Sanitation
    - US Army Water Foods

    Recipe Books

    - California Mexican-Spanish Cook Book
    - Cloud City Cook Book
    - Delicious Peach Recipes California Peach Growers Inc.1920.
    - Genesee Valley Cookbook
    - Kenton Cookbook
    - Modern Women Of America Cookbook
    - Most For Your Money Cookbook
    - Riverside Recipe Book
    This Recipe Book has been compiled and edited in the interest of Christian Work in connection ivith the Rutgers Riverside Presbyterian Church. 1890
    - Second Parish Cookbook
    - The Belgian Cookbook
    - The Kirmess Cookbook
    - The Pleasantville Cookbook
    - Vegetarian Cookbook
    - Westminster Cookbook
    "One hundred and eighty-three recipes." 1876.

    Gardening Books

    - Bora Cultivation And Post Harvest
    - Building A Floating Hydroponic Garden
    - Backyard Greenhouse
    - Cultivating Vegetables
    - Garden Farming

    Vegetable gardening Corbett, L.C. (1913)

    - How To Make Fertilizer
    - Garden Planning Worksheet Brian Wachutka
    - Organic Gardening
    - Planning Your Garden Rogers, William Snow,(1923)
    - Pumpkin Cultivation And Post Harvest
    - How To Build A Solar Crop Dryer
    - How To Dry Fruits And Vegetables
    - How To Make A Solar Cabinet Dryer For Agricultural Produce
    - Small Plastic Greenhouses
    - Test The Soil First
    - The Amateur Garden
    - Watermelon Cultivation And Post Harvest Animals and Livestock
    - Handbook On Cutting Lamb
    - Pratt's Practical Pointers On The Care Of Livestock And Poultry
    - Raising Rabbits
    - Tanning Deer Hides And Small Fur Ski
    - The Furrier's Friend & adviser on dressing and tanning of fur skins and hides Ott, Gottfried F (1922)


    - Blacksmithing
    - Knife Sharpening
    - Knots For Mountaineering, Camping, Climbing, Rescue, Etc...
    - Knot Tying
    - Making Candles
    - Making Soap

    Construction Manuals And Building Plans

    - Building Plans For Poultrymen and practical methods of poultry raising 1920
    - Farm Buildings
    A compilation of plans for general farm barns, cattle barns, horse barns, sheep folds, swine pens, poultry houses, silos, feeding racks, etc .. Sanders Publishing Co. (1905)




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