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    Positive Psychology

    Positive Psychology By Kate Hefferon, Ilona Boniwell
    Publisher: Op//en Uni[[ver//sity Press 2011 | 288 Pages | ISBN: 0335241956 , 0335241948 | PDF | 2 MB

    Discover the latest research findings and thinking on the topics of happiness, flow, optimism, motivation, character strengths, love and more!
    Find out how happiness levels can be increased, what stops us from flourishing and how positive psychology can be applied to many professional disciplines.

    This new textbook combines a breadth of information about positive psychology with reflective questions, critical commentary and up to date research. It is written in a witty, engaging and contemporary manner and includes:

    Personal development exercises to help you meld together research and application
    Mock essay questions to get essay writing going
    Think about it boxes to get you thinking about the concepts and theories discussed
    Experiments boxes giving you most influential positive psychology experiments to date
    Suggested resources guiding you where to go next
    Measurement tools presenting popular positive psychology tools
    Time out boxes on key issues, concepts and thinkers
    Chapter summaries to help you check their understanding
    Review questions to enhance your learning

    Positive Psychology is key reading for students taking modules in positive psychology and well-being, and will also be of interest to students of applied, coaching and sports psychology, as well as psychologists, coaches, counsellors and researchers interested in this burgeoning field.




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