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    Default Physics Textbooks for UC Berkeley (Undergrad and Graduate)

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    Physics Textbooks for UC Berkeley (Undergrad and Graduate)
    English | PDF & DJVU | Collection | 1.13 Gb

    This is a (nearly) complete set of textbooks for the physics courses at the University of California at Berkeley from Fall of 2008 through the current semester.
    105-Classical Dynamics of Particles and Systems-Thornton.pdf 19.85 MB
    105-Classical Mechanics-Taylor.pdf 54.45 MB
    110-Electromagnetism-Pollack,Stump.djvu 8.86 MB
    110-Introduction to Electrodynamics 3e-Griffiths.pdf 22.33 MB
    110-Introduction to Optics 2e-Pedrotti.djvu 6.31 MB
    110-Special Relativity-French.djvu 3.91 MB
    111-Microelectronic Circuits 5e-Sedra.pdf 44.41 MB
    111-The Art of Electronics 2e-Horowitz.pdf 27.50 MB
    112-Thermal Physics 2e-Kittel.djvu 12.00 MB
    129,226-Introduction to High Energy Physics 4e-Perkins.pdf 40.65 MB
    129,226-The Experimental Foundations of Particle Physics-Cahn,Goldhaber.pdf 22.35 MB
    129-Introduction to Elementary Particles 1e-Griffiths.pdf 17.27 MB
    129-Introduction To Elementary Particles Solution Manual-Griffiths.pdf 3.42 MB
    130-Introductory Quantum Optics-Gerry,Knight.pdf 3.16 MB
    130-Optical Coherence and Quantum Optics-Mandel,Wolf.djvu 10.05 MB
    130-Quantum Optics an Introduction-Fox.pdf 15.86 MB
    130-Theory of Light 3e-Loudon.pdf 14.74 MB
    137,221A-Modern Quantum Mechanics 2e Solutions-Sakurai.pdf 607.15 KB
    137,221A-Modern Quantum Mechanics 2e-Sakurai.pdf 11.03 MB
    137-Introduction to Quantum Mechanics 2e Solutions-Griffiths.pdf 2.75 MB
    137-Introduction to Quantum Mechanics 2e-Griffiths.pdf 15.16 MB
    137A-Quantum Mechanics 2e-Bransden.pdf 49.55 MB
    137B-Quantum Mechanics-Bransden,Joachain.djvu 5.43 MB
    139-Gravity An Introduction to Einstein's General Relativity 1e-Hartle.pdf 27.06 MB
    141-Solid State Physics 1e-Ashcroft.djvu 0.00 KB
    141-Solid State Physics 1e-Ashcroft.pdf 98.29 MB
    141A-Introduction To Solid State Physics 8e-Kittel.pdf 83.52 MB
    141A-Solid State Physics 4e-Ibach.pdf 12.06 MB
    141B-Introductory Solid State Physics-Myers.pdf 11.39 MB
    141B-Principles of the Theory of Solids 2e-Ziman.pdf 32.89 MB
    142-Introduction to Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 2e-Chen.pdf 8.80 MB
    161C-Introduction to Cosmology 3e-Roos.pdf 2.13 MB
    177-Physical Biology of the Cell-Phillips,Kondev,Theriot.djvu 33.27 MB
    190H-Introduction to quantum effects in gravity-Mukhanov,Winitzki.pdf 1.82 MB
    205-Classical dynamics. A contemporary approach solutions-Jose,Saletan.djvu 1.38 MB
    205-Classical dynamics. A contemporary approach-Jose,Saletan.djvu 6.25 MB
    205B-Introduction to Applied Nonlinear Dynamical Systems and Chaos 2e-Wiggins.pdf 12.35 MB
    209-Classical Electrodynamics 3e-Jackson.djvu 6.53 MB
    211-Fundamentals of statistical and thermal physics-Reif.djvu 13.81 MB
    212-Statistical Mechanics Entropy Order Parameters and Complexity-Sethna.pdf 5.04 MB
    216-Elements of Advanced Quantum Theory-Ziman.djvu 1.90 MB
    221B-Advanced quantum mechanics-Sakurai.djvu 3.63 MB
    226-Dynamics of the Standard Model-Donoghue,Golowich,Holstein.pdf 10.26 MB
    226-Quarks and leptons. Introductory Course in Modern Particle Physics-Halzen,Martin.pdf 13.93 MB
    231-General relativity-Wald.djvu 2.27 MB
    231-Spacetime and geometry an introduction to General Relativity-Carroll.djvu 4.61 MB
    232A-An introduction to quantum field theory-Peskin,Schroeder.djvu 8.71 MB
    232A-The Quantum Theory of Fields Volume 1-Weinberg.djvu 7.31 MB
    234A-String Theory and M-Theory. Modern Introduction-Becker.pdf 4.13 MB
    234A-String Theory vol 1 Introduction to the bosonic string-Polchinski.pdf 1.84 MB
    234A-String Theory vol 2 Superstring theory and beyond-Polchinski.pdf 2.21 MB
    234A-Superstring Theory Volume 1-Green,Schwarz,Witten.djvu 7.89 MB
    234A-Superstring Theory Volume 2-Green,Schwarz,Witten.djvu 6.60 MB
    238-Building Electro-Optical Systems Making It all Work-Hobbs.pdf 5.07 MB
    238-Laser cooling and trapping-Metcalf,Straten.djvu 3.58 MB
    240-Condensed Matter Physics-Marder.djvu 11.85 MB
    240-Fundamentals of Semiconductors-Yu,Cardona.pdf 5.02 MB
    240-Principles of the Theory of Solids-Ziman.djvu 12.59 MB
    240-Solid State Theory An Introduction-Rossler.pdf 3.73 MB
    242A-Fundamentals Of Plasma Physics-Bellan.pdf 4.87 MB
    250-Geometry, Topology and Physics 2e-Nakahara.pdf 5.66 MB
    7A,B,C-Physics for Scientists and Engineers 4e-Giancoli.djvu 26.06 MB
    7AH-Introduction to Mechanics 1e-Kleppner,Kolenkow.pdf 43.24 MB
    7AH-Vibrations and Waves-French.djvu 3.17 MB
    7BH-Electricity and Magnetism 2e-Purcell.pdf 68.46 MB
    7BH-Excercises for Feynman's Lectures on Physics Vol 1-Feynman.pdf 3.41 MB
    7BH-Excercises for Feynman's Lectures on Physics Vol 2-Feynman.pdf 1.84 MB
    7BH-Excercises for Feynman's Lectures on Physics Vol 3-Feynman.pdf 1.11 MB
    7BH-Feynman's Lectures on Physics-Philips.pdf 60.81 MB
    7C-Modern Physics 5e-Tipler,Llewellyn.pdf 26.74 MB
    7CH-Modern Physics 3e-Serway.pdf 9.67 MB
    8A-Essential University Physics Vol 1 and 2-Wolfson.pdf 21.00 MB

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