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    Default PhotoShop Top Secret DVD 1 (ISO)

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    PhotoShop Top Secret DVD 1 (ISO)
    English | ISO | 3.72 GB
    Genre: eLearning

    This tutorial will teach you how to become an expert in Photoshop. You will learn how to create top-level special effects for eye-catching movie posters, album covers, book covers, brochures, mailing pieces, magazine covers, article illustrations, and a very wide range of print ads and Web site graphics.

    DVD contents include:
    Movie Poster Design I
    Create a popular people montage seen on many movie posters.

    Movie Poster Design II
    Take an ordinary house and turn it into a Sci-fi Movie Poster.

    Movie Poster Credits
    Tips and tricks on creating a real “Credit Block” for movie posters.

    Dark Faces
    How I created my creepy Image that has been in Magazines and Ads.

    Breaking Apart
    Create the illusion that a face is falling apart.

    Dream Scene Montage
    Create an elephant with wings and place it into a futuristic world.

    Stone Portrait
    Create a “Stone Bust” out of a portrait for a killer special effect.

    Surreal Images
    Create a creamy foggy mist over water and rocks.

    Dream Skin
    Create a fantasy woman with henna art and dream skin.

    Special Effects
    Learn how to create orbs, fireballs and jellyfish like creatures.




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