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    Default NLP For Moneymakers Volume One

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    NLP For Moneymakers Volume One
    English | Mp3 | 128kbps | 48000hz | 2 channel | 424Mb

    8 World-Class NLP experts share their best advice about NLP & moneymaking. Yes, you already know that NLP is a superb technology for personal change, but it's also a great technology for helping you make more money... Why? Because NLP fills in the blanks that all those business books and rah-rah motivational seminars skip over. It's time for you to create the income you want AND enjoy the process. NLP will help you get it done, starting now.

    Dear Friend,
    If want to earn, receive and accumulate more money, then there are two skills you'll need to master, and the sooner the better. They are...
    1. Managing your mind, attention and feelings
    2. Managing your actions — the things you say and do
    That may SOUND simple or obvious, but stop and think about it for a moment.
    What IS stopping you right now from earning, receiving and accumulating the money you want?
    If you could snap your fingers and change SOMETHING about yourself so that you were better at making money, what would you change?
    Before you answer, notice what that question does NOT ask. It doesn't say, "What would you want if you could have anything?"
    It doesn't say, "What job would you want if you could have any job?" It's about the things IN you that are in the way that you KNOW need changing.
    Don't blame the economy. It's tempting, especially now, to think that the 'hard times' are to blame.
    Even if you've been personally affected by layoffs and industry downturns, you STILL have a choice about what to do next.
    It's helpful to remember that some of the greatest personal fortunes have begun in times of economic crisis. (Even such mainstays as Apple, MicroSoft, Wrigley's Gum, and Walt Disney World -- began when ecomonies were harsh.)
    In fact, ONE of our featured guests created his 5-figure a month business in 2009 -- after "The Great 2008 Recession" started!
    Not only that, but he quit his 12-dollar-an-hour housepainter job to make it happen.
    (His first visible act of financial freedom? It wasn't a sports car or a trip to Tahiti. It was quietly paying cash for his 9-year-old brother's funeral last year, and being able to to take that burden away from his grieving and financially strapped mother.)
    Put NLP to the test, and prove to yourself that it works.
    What's been standing in YOUR way?
    Lack of confidence? Lack of persistence? Inability to sell or influence others?
    No matter WHAT it is — no matter what problem you think is uniquely standing in your way— NLP can help you make the changes you want to make.

    We put together this program with you in mind, and invited the best trainers around to come and share their best, proven strategies with you.
    Meet our Panel of NLP Masters & World-Renowned Trainers

    NLPforMoneymakers: Series 1

    Jason Fladlien
    The NLP Connection:
    From $12-an-hour housepainter to
    5-figures a month entrepreneur
    in less than 18 months.
    • How to make NLP really work in your professional life.
    • How to use Jason's "80/20" approach to NLP, and how it brought him such rapid results
    • Irresistable emotions: How overflowing YOUR good feelings translates into happier customers and clients and more business for you! (The KEY to his rapid income gains using NLP.)
    • Why it's always a LIE to say you lack self-confidence
    • How to generate new behaviors in yourself, and apply Jason's "Wealth Attraction Mindstate principle" for max efficiency during your workday.
    • How to use Jason's unique strategy for "spinning" feelings
    • Much much more

    Michael Breen
    NLP, Money and Conscious Enjoyment
    • What it will really take to double your income
    • How motivation "techniques" actually make you numb and lazy
    • Why "touching lives" is a better predictor of your financial success than anything else
    • The massive power of Conscious Enjoyment (and why it's a great idea to engineer Conscious Enjoyment for others)
    • "Finding the adult in the room" to resolve your worst money problem
    • The power of Creative Intolerance to move from frustration to flow
    • How to handle ANY criticism, and a brand NEW way to resolve a critical inner voice
    • Much much more

    Kenrick Cleveland
    The Master of Influence talks about money
    • Why the "fast food" money mentality keeps you broke and how to drop it
    • Why mastering money and mastering NLP require the SAME skill (a skill you already have)
    • How to get yourself up off the sofa and take action
    • Tough Love from Mr. Cleveland: The sobering advice from Kenrick's Dad that helped Kenrick create his own financial freedom.
    • How to raise your financial "thermostat" and why hoping won't help
    • What to do now if you're scared or depressed about money
    • Why your job interview or sales presentation gets torpedoed by unconscious money worries, and what to do about it
    • How to get yourself into a good state before your next presentation
    • Much much more

    Michael Losier
    NLP and The Law of Attraction:
    The Surprising Connection
    • NLP and intentional vibration. Why (and HOW) it works.
    • Why there is no such thing as neutral emotion, and why this is crucial to remember
    • The two words that guide every moment of your experience
    • Why Positive People attract negative things, and how to correct this INSTANTLY
    • Being "deliberate" -- getting into a state that serves you most
    • Vibrational Marketing: How Michael created a bestselling book and has reached millions of people around the world without spending a dime on marketing
    • The power of your neurology to create abundance more easily, and why five minutes is all you need
    • Skeptic's guide to Law of Attraction: The specific words to use for making a goal happen
    • Much much more

    Genie Z. Laborde
    NLP Inside and Out:
    Secrets of Ethical Influence
    • The difference between manipulation and influence
    • The TWO question to ask yourself before your next interaction
    • The Toe technique for dropping your anxiety down to zero
    • The simple question that makes rapport happen
    • Why it's crucial to "Let" the other person have rapport with you
    • The question to ask so that every rapport experience has a happy ending.
    • How to turn off rapport (without being rude) and why you'll have to
    • What "dovetailing" is, how to do with others AND inside yourself
    • Eliminating self-sabotage for good
    • Much much more

    Tim & Kris Hallbom
    NLP, Money, & the Source of All Wealth
    • The thing that gets in people's way when it comes to money
    • What to do right now if you are in financial chaos
    • The power of beliefs: What they are and how to change them so that you attract more of what you want
    • Your worst money problem is the doorway to wealth: The surprising truth about positive intent.
    • Divinely Practical: Why changing beliefs really DOES change your life in an instant
    • What to do if you're "tried everything" and still haven't improved your financial results. How to change this habit for good.
    • Much much more

    Rintu Basu
    Street-Smart NLP Skills
    • How the SAME secrets of persuasion that Police use are immeasurably useful for moneymaking
    • The Language Pattern Trap: Making your language more naturally influential.
    • The one thing to do BEFORE you can master rapport.
    • Why "matching and mirroring" can undermine your connection with other people, and how to prevent this backfire from happening
    • The single word that MOST people use and which undermines their communication. .
    • How to lead other people to your way of thinking within seconds after you've met them
    • Much much more

    Shelle Rose Charvet
    Changing Minds for Better Results
    • Emotion vs. Logic: Why time is the most important FIRST factor when dealing with your money worries
    • The surprising truth about goal-setting, and why it DOESN'T work for 60% of the population
    • How to get yourself moving when you don't know how
    • The REAL reason why money resolutions never stick, and what to do to make sure they work
    • Research into habit control, and what it means for your moneymaking projects.
    • The power of NEGATIVE imagery
    • The two blocks that prevent long-term goals from happening, and what to do TODAY about both of these
    • How to get skeptical people (including family members) to follow your suggestion
    • Much much more

    Never before have so many NLP Masters been assembled at one time for just one purpose, showing you how to generate more Money through the awesome power of NLP.

    This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn how to master the money making mindset regardless of your background, education or current income level.
    The tips, technique and tactics that you'll learn is known, understood and used by only a select few.... and we have 8 of the best all in one place for you.

    About the Author:

    Sean Collins is the author of ‘Good Money: The Energy Flow Advantage’ and co-developer of the Manifesting Network together with Michael Campbell, the author of “The Truth about Manifesting”.




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