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    High cost EARTHQUAKE ENGINEERING HANDBOOK($225.00) Editors: Wai-Fah Chen University of Hawaii, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA Charles S Scawthorn EQE International, Berkeley, California, USA Jorma K Arros ABS consulting, Oakland, California, USA - - - - - �Written for practitioners, this is a comprehensive resource that covers the spectrum of disciplines and topics needed to design for and mitigate earthquakes. International experts provide the essential elements of each subject, from the fundamentals, geoscience, and structural aspects to the social and economic impact of earthquakes. The Earthquake Engineering Handbook emphasizes professional applications, offers ready-to-use material that gives immediate answers to real problems, and covers both the traditional and the innovative practices of earthquake engineering.� - Offers an historical perspective, an overview of the framework for earthquake risk management, and an introduction to dynamics - Covers geoscience topics, including geology, tectonics, liquefaction, and tsunamics, with emphasis on strong ground motion - Addresses the range of structures, from building to bridges to the infrastructure of power, transportation and communications systems - Stresses professional applications and ready-to-use materials - Includes 1,000 illustrations - - - - - TABLE OF CONTENTS PART 1: FUNDAMENTALS Earthquakes-Historical Perspective, Charles Scawthorn Earthquake Risk Management-An Overview, Charles Scawthorn Dynamics of Structures, Jorma K. Arros PART 2: GEOSCIENCE ASPECTS Earthquakes: Seismogenesis, Measurement and Distribution, Charles Scawthorn Engineering Models of Strong Ground Motion, Kenneth W. Campbell Simulation Modeling of Strong Ground Motion, M. Erdik and E. Durukal Geotechnical and Foundation Aspects, Horst Brandes Seismic Hazard Analysis, Paul C. Thenhaus and Kenneth W. Campbell Tsunami and Seiche, Costa Synolakis Soil-Structure Interaction, James J. Johnson PART 3: STRUCTURAL ASPECTS Building Code Provisions for Seismic Resistance, Ronald O. Hamburger, S.E. Seismic Design of Steel Structures, Ronald O. Hamburger, S.E and Niaz A. Nazir, SE Reinforced Concrete Structures, Y.L. Mo Precast and Tilt-Up Buildings, Charles Scawthorn and D.L. McCormick Wood Structures, J. Daniel Dolan Seismic Behaviour, Design and Retrofitting of Masonry, Richard E. Klingner Base Isolation, Yeong-Bin Yang, Kuo-Chun Chang and Jong-Dar Yau Bridges, Lian Duan and W.F. Chen Structural Control, Hirokazu Iemura and Mulyo Harris Pradono Equipment and Systems, Gayle S. Johnson Seismic Vulnerabilify, Keith Porter PART 4: INFRASTRUCTURE ASPECTS Lifeline Seismic Risk, Ronald T. Eguchi Buried Pipelines, Michael J. O'Rourke Water and Wastewater Systems, Don Ballantyne Electrical Power Systems, Anshel J. Schiff Dams and Appurtenant Facilities, Gilles J. Bureau Ports Structures, Susumu Iai PART 5: SPECIAL TOPICS Human Impacts of Earthquakes, Hope A. Seligson and Kimberley I. Shoaf Fire Following Earthquake, Charles Scawthorn Hazardous Materials, Guna Selvaduray Loss Estimation, Mahmoud Khater, Charles Scawthorn and James J. Johnson Insurance and Financial Risk Transfer, Charles Scawthorn, Howard Kunreuther and Richard Roth Emergency Planning, Charles Scawthorn Developing an Earthquake Mitigation Program, Charles Scawthorn



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