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    Molecular Virology

    "Molecular Virology" 3ed. by Moses P. Adoga
    InTeO | 2012 | ISBN: 9535103691 9789535103691 | 178 pages | PDF | 10 MB

    This book covers various aspects of Molecular Virology. Researchers, lecturers and students will find this book an indispensable companion.

    The first chapter discusses HIV-1 reservoirs and latency and how these twin phenomena have remained a challenge to eradication. Aspects regarding the molecular evolution of hepatitis viruses including their genetic diversities with implications for vaccine development are treated in the second chapter. Metabolic disorders that are a consequence of hepatitis C virus infection are discussed in the succeeding chapter. The following two chapters discuss influenza C virus and the applications of viral vectors in therapeutic research. Avian influenza is handled in the sixth chapter and the therapeutic potential of belladonna-200 against japanese encephalitis virus infection is discussed in the succeeding chapter. The last two chapters discuss baculoviruses and their interaction with polydnaviruses.

    1 HIV-1 Reservoirs and Latency: Critical Barriers and Clues for HIV / AIDS Cure
    2 Molecular Evolution of Hepatitis Viruses
    3 Metabolic Aspects of Hepatitis ? Virus Infection
    4 Influenza ? Virus: Structure and Function of M Gene and Its Products
    5 Viral Vectors in Neurobiology: Therapeutic and Research Applications
    6 Avian and Pandemic Influenza (API): A Prevention-Oriented Approach
    7 The Role of'Belladonna 200 in the Prevention of Japanese Encephalitis (JE) Virus Infection
    8 Interactions Between Nucleopolyhedroviruses and Polydnaviruses in Larval Lepidoptera
    9 Baculovirus Enhancins and Their Role in Viral Pathogenicity




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