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    Default Microemulsions - An Introduction to Properties and Applications

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    Microemulsions - An Introduction to Properties and Applications

    "Microemulsions - An Introduction to Properties and Applications" ed. by Reza Najjar
    InTeO | 2012 | ISBN: 9535102472 9789535102472 | 260 pages | PDF | 9 MB

    The rapidly increasing number of applications for microemulsions has kept this relatively old topic still at the top point of research themes. This book provides an assessment of some issues influencing the characteristics and performance of the microemulsions, as well as their main types of applications.

    In chapter 1 a short introduction about the background, various aspects and applications of microemulsions is given.
    In Part 2 some experimental and modeling investigations on microstructure and phase behavior of these systems have been discussed.
    The last two parts of book is devoted to discussion on different types of microemulsion's applications, namely, use in drug delivery, vaccines, oil industry, preparation of nanostructured polymeric, metallic and metal oxides materials for different applications.

    Part 1 Introduction
    1 Microemulsions - A Brief Introduction
    Part 2 Microstructures: Experimental and Modeling Studies
    2 Ultrasonic Characterisation of W/O Microemulsions - Structure, Phase Diagrams, State of Water in Nano-Droplets, Encapsulated Proteins, Enzymes
    3 Influence of Linear Aliphatic Alcohols Upon the Electric Percolation ofAOT-Based Microemulsions
    4 Predictive Modeling of Microemulsion Phase Behaviour and Microstructure Characterisation in the 1-Phase Region
    Part 3 Applications in Drug Delivery and Vaccines
    5 Nonionic Model Microemulsions to Study Interactions with Active Components and Antioxidant Activity
    6 Thermal Reversible Microemulsion for Oral Delivery of Poorly Water-Soluble Drugs
    7 The Mucosal Immune System: Modulation by Microemulsion
    Part 4 Applications in Oil Industry and Preparation of Nanostructured Materials
    8 The Use of Microemusion Systems in Oil Industry
    09 Mesostructured Polymer Materials Based on Bicontinuous Microemulsions
    10 Microemulsion Method for Synthesis of Magnetic Oxide Nanoparticles
    11 Synthesis of Nanocatalysts Via Reverse Microemulsion Route for Fischer-Tropsch Reactions
    12 Nanoparticles Preparation Using Microemulsion Systems




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