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    Arrow Michael Mewshaw - Lying With the Dead

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    Lying with the Dead
    A novel by
    Michael Mewshaw

    In this novel, Greek tragedy meets a dysfunctional family from Maryland, revealing how time and place matter little when it comes to the implacable logic of the darkest human emotions. The family matriarch-half Medea, half Clytemnestra-calls home her three children, who take turns narrating this story, for a final, bedside reunion. There's the firstborn, Maury, who has Asperger's, and whose poetic and offbeat reasoning is both endearing and heartbreaking; Candy, his sister, who takes care of their mother, having renounced marrying the man she loves; and Quinn, the wonder boy who left his white trash background to become a successful actor in London. Mother still lives in the house where she made their lives miserable as children and where their father was murdered-a crime for which Maury went to jail as a teenager. Once the family is reassembled in the childhood home, the pieces of a somber puzzle come together over brilliant and witty exchanges showing Irish humor at its best. Mewshaw invites us into the heart of a family dynamic, at times almost too close for comfort, exploding prejudices about murder and family love.
    Formats (epub,lrf,mobi)

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