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    Medical Informatics

    "Medical Informatics" ed. by Shaul Mordechai and Ranjit Sahu
    ITe | 2012 | ISBN: 9535102595 9789535102595 | 166 pages | PDF | 9 MB

    The book consists of seven chapters, dealing with three major issues of medical information gathering from patient's and health care professionalís perspective, translational approaches from a researcher point of view, and finally the application potential as required by the clinicians.

    Part 1 Information Technology
    1. Innovative Integration of Information Systems for Managing a National Access to Surgery
    2. Anonymization Approach for Protect Privacy of Medical Data and Knowledge Management
    Part 2 Bioinformatics Methods
    3. Aligning Biomedical Terminologies in French: Towards Semantic Interoperability in Medical Applications
    4. A Comprehensive Analysis of MALDI-TOF Spectrometry Data
    Part 3 Clinical Applications
    5. Using Brazilian Digital TV to Integrate Health Care Services Embedded in Medical Commercial Devices
    6. Real Time Clinical Decision Support System
    7. Wireless Monitoring of Patient's Vital Signs




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