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    Default Management of Technological Innovation in Developing and Developed Countries

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    Management of Technological Innovation in Developing and Developed Countries

    "Management of Technological Innovation in Developing and Developed Countries" ed. by Hongyi Sun
    InTeO | 2012 | ISBN: 9535103653 9789535103653 | 323 pages | PDF | 6 MB

    The articles in this book cover a wide range of industries including telecommunication, sanitation, healthcare, entertainment, education, manufacturing, and financial; the analytical approaches are multi-disciplinary, ranging from mathematical, economic, analytical, empirical and strategic. The articles study both public and private organizations, including the service industry, manufacturing industry, and governmental organizations. Given its wide coverage and multi-disciplines, the book may be useful for both academic research and practical management.

    Part 1 Adoption of Technological Innovation
    1 Trends and Directions for Energy Saving in Electric Networks
    2 Services Oriented Technologies: A Focus on the Financial Services Sector in South Africa
    3 RF Sounding: Generating Sounds from Radio Frequencies
    4 Sanitation in Developing Countries: Innovative Solutions in a Value Chain Framework
    Part 2 Assessment of Technological Innovation
    5 Risk Assessment of Innovations in the Biopharmaceutical Industry
    6 iTech: An Interactive Virtual Assistant for Technical Communication
    7 Performance Evaluation for Knowledge Transfer Organizations: Best European Practices and a Conceptual Framework
    8 Understanding Innovation Deployment and Evaluation in Healthcare: The Triality Framework
    9 Technological Spillovers from Multinational Companies to Small and Medium Food Companies in Nigeria
    Part 3 Enablers of Technological Innovation
    10 Open Innovation in the Automotive Industry: A Multiple Case-Study
    11 The Impact of Company Relationship and Institution Technology on R&D Activity and Innovation
    12 The Impact of ICT on Productivity: The Moderating Role of Worker Quality and Quality Strategy
    13 Incorporating Technological Innovation and Environmental Strategy: An Integrated View of Cognition and Action
    14 Linking Process Technology and Manufacturing Performance Under the Framework of Manufacturing Strategy




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