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    Laser Scanner Technology

    "Laser Scanner Technology" ed. by J. Apolinar Munoz Rodriguez
    InTeO | 2012 | ISBN: 9535102809 9789535102809 | 269 pages | PDF | 29 MB

    This book describes the recent contributions reported by laser scanning technology in different areas around the world. The main topics of laser scanning described in this volume include full body scanning, traffic management, 3D survey process, bridge monitoring, tracking of scanning, human sensing, three-dimensional modelling, glacier monitoring and digitizing heritage monuments.

    1 Foot Sole Scanning by Laser Metrology and Computer Algorithms
    2 Human Sensing in Crowd Using Laser Scanners
    3 A Multi-Faceted Assessment of the Applications of Full Body Scanners at Airports
    4 Laser Scanner: eSafety & ITS Applications
    5 Laser Scanning Technology fbr Bridge Monitoring
    6 The Support of Geomatics in Glacier Monitoring: The Contribution of Terrestrial Laser Scanner
    7 Integrated Reverse Modeling Techniques fbr the Survey of Co mp lex Shapes in Industrial Design
    8 The Hidden World: Reality Through Laser Scanner Technologies - A Critical Approach to Documentation and Interpretation
    9 The Workflows of 3D Digitizing Heritage Monuments
    10 Multiple Hypothesis Tracking Implementation
    11 The Illuminating Role of Laser Scanning Digital Elevation Models in Precision Agriculture Experimental Designs - An Agro-Ecology Perspective

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