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    Default Katrin Eismann - Advanced Masking Techniques

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    Katrin Eismann - Advanced Masking Techniques
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    Genre: Video Training

    Katrin Eismann - known worldwide for his work and lectures on restoration, retouching, and transforming images. Katherine advises professional photographers, artists and teachers. Among its clients are such well-known companies like Eastman Kodak, Apple, Adobe, American Film Institute and the Professional Photography Association. She received a Bachelor of Art Science at the Rochester Institute of Technology, specializing in the photographic images to be processed digitally. In 2002, their accomplishments Katherine added another title - Master of Art of Science - produced at the Faculty of Fine Arts in New York. The biggest dream of Katherine - learn how to get photos that do not require retouching and restoration, cropping, conversion and color correction.

    Chapter 1: Introduction to Alpha Channels
    Lesson 1: Introduction to Alpha Channels
    Discussion of the five steps of Mastering Essential Channel Masks.
    Lesson 2: Making an Alpha Channel
    Introductory example That DEFINES and illustrates using Alpha and Layer Masks.
    Lesson 3: Finding an Alpha Channel
    Using Image Channels to create Alpha Channels.
    Chapter 2: Professional Alpha Strategies
    Lesson 4: Sky Enhancement
    Working with a high contrast Luminance Mask and Adjustment Layers to Improve an Image.
    Lesson 5: Separating Fine Details
    Reveals the Fine Art of Removing backgrounds while Maintaining Fine Detail.
    Lesson 6: Replacing Studio backdrops
    Learn to replace Dark backgrounds with Computer generated backdrops and texture.
    Lesson 7: Two Masks are Better than One
    Master the double-hair Masking Technique to TAME the curliest hair.
    Chapter 3: Thinking in Black and White
    Lesson 8: Black and White Strategy
    Using Adjustment Layers to create Layer Masks.
    Lesson 9: Think Different
    Replacing a drab Sky, while Maintaining transitions and details.
    Chapter 4: Working with Image Calculations
    Lesson 10: Introduction to Calculations
    Introduction to Image Calculations and working with Apply Image.
    Lesson 11: Hair Masking with Calculations
    Using Image Calculations and blending Modes to Maintain Fine Detail hair.
    Lesson 12: Motion Masking with Calculations
    Maintaining translucent Motion blur with Image Calculations.
    Lesson 13: Veil Masking with Calculations
    Learn to replace Dark backgrounds with Computer generated backdrops and texture.
    Chapter 5: The Beauty of "Blend If"
    Lesson 14: Introduction to "Blend If"
    Accessing and Understanding the "Blend If" command.
    Lesson 15: 'Blend If' Illustrations Part 1
    Using the " Blend If "command to composite Image Elements.
    Lesson 16: 'Blend If' Illustrations Part 2
    Using the "Blend If" command to maintain fine detail, while creating a quirky image.




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