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    Arrow James Lee Burke - Rain Gods

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    The landscape of southwest Texas is a harsh and unforgiving place, a perfectly bleak and appropriate setting for the battle that plays out in James Lee Burke's most recent novel, "Rain Gods."

    This, his 28th novel, brings back Sheriff Hackberry Holland, who first appeared in "Lay Down My Sword and Shield" and is the cousin of Billy Bob Holland, the protagonist of Burke's Montana-set series.

    Hackberry Holland is in his 70s, and, like so many of Burke's heroes, has given up drinking, but not his grief over his past. He mourns his second wife, Rie, a tough liberal organizer, and misses his two sons, who have gone on to establish successful lives of their own. He has no regrets about leaving politics behind, but he is content to tilt at the windmills in his path, and in "Rain Gods," there are many.
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