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    James Herriot - Complete Audiobooks
    MP3 96kbps 44.1kHz | Size: 2.72 GB

    I've loved James Herriot's animal stories since early childhood. Therefore I have decided my next Fixed-Chapterized-Tagged upload shall be this, the complete fictional works of James Herriot (pen name for James Alfred Wight, OBE). I have processed all these unabridged books in the following ways:

    1. All of these books were ripped BY ME. I did this a few years ago and have posted the unchapterized versions before, but again, even if you downloaded these copies before, I highly recommend updating to these copies as there have been volume corrections as well the chapterization. All the rips are from high quality library CDs.

    2. Equalized volume. Several of these audio books had volume discontinuities. I have equalized volumes so there shouldn't be any sudden jumps.

    3. Dehissed and noise-cleaned. When needed, I performed low pass filters and deleted pops in the audio.

    4. FULLY CHAPTERIZED. This took a couple of weeks. Each audio book was compiled into a single file (deleting bits like "end of side one, please turn over this cassette") and then separated into Parts and Chapters as defined by the original books. I find this to be the best way to enjoy audiobooks and it is perfect for iPods.

    5. Encoded all books to a uniform MP3 96kbps 44.1kHz.

    6. ID3 Tagged. All audio book files have been fully ID3 tagged including full COVER ART.

    And so this file represents a 100% complete collection of James Herriot's fictional works. Please note that his stories are NOT nonfiction; they are considered to be semi-autobiographical fiction. This collection may not, at first glance, seem complete, but please note the following:

    -If Only They Could Talk and It Shouldn't Happen to a Vet are incorporated in the omnibus volume All Creatures Great and Small.
    -Let Sleeping Vets Lie and Vet in Harness are incorporated in the omnibus volume All Things Bright and Beautiful.
    -Vets Might Fly and Vet in a Spin are incorporated in the omnibus volume All Things Wise and Wonderful.
    -Several other small books like James Herriot's Cat Stories and James Herriot's Favourite Dog Stories have been published, but they take their stories from his previously published works.

    Thus all stories Herriot ever published are contained in the 5 unabridged books presented here. These books are all read by the absolutely fantastic Christopher Timothy who played James Herriot in the TV series "All Creatures Great and Small"

    -------------Included in this collection-------------
    1972 - All Creatures Great and Small
    1974 - All Things Bright and Beautiful
    1977 - All Things Wise and Wonderful
    1981 - The Lord God Made Them All
    1992 - Every Living Thing

    plus, as usual: the complete James Herriot ebooks




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