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    Default International Encyclopedia of Hospitality Management

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    International Encyclopedia of Hospitality Management

    ISBN-10: 0750659963 | ISBN-13: 978-0750659963 | Publication Date: May 2, 2005 | Edition: 1
    The International Encyclopedia of Hospitality Management covers all of the relevant issues in the field of hospitality management from both a sectoral level:

    * Lodging
    * Restaurants
    * Clubs
    * Time-share
    * Conventions

    As well as a functional one:
    * Accounting & finance
    * Marketing
    * Human resources
    * Information technology
    * Facilities management

    Its unique user-friendly structure enables readers to find exactly the information they require at a glance; whether they require broad detail which takes a more cross-sectional view across each subject field, or more focussed information which looks closely at specific topics and issues within the hospitality industry today.

    Section Editors:

    Peter Harris - ACCOUNTING & FINANCE Oxford Brookes University, UK

    Zheng Gu - ACCOUNTING & FINANCE University of Nevada, Las Vegas, USA

    Randall Upchurch - CLUB MANAGEMENT & TIMESHARE MANAGEMENT University of Central Florida, USA

    Patti Shock - EVENT MANAGEMENT University of Nevada, Las Vegas, USA

    Deborah Breiter - EVENT MANAGEMENT University of Central Florida, USA

    David Stipanuk - FACILITIES MANAGEMENT Cornell University, USA

    Darren Lee-Ross - HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT James Cook University, Australia

    Gill Maxwell - HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT Caledonian Glasgow University, UK

    Dimitrios Buhalis - INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY University of Surrey, UK

    Allan Stutts - LODGING MANAGEMENT American Intercontinental University, USA

    Stowe Shoemaker - MARKETING University of Houston, USA

    Linda Shea - MARKETING University of Massachusetts, USA

    Dennis Reynolds - RESTAURANTS & FOODSERVICE MANAGEMENT Washington State University, USA

    Arie Reichel - STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT Ben-Gurion University, Israel

    * Global scope and focus, from an eminent international editorial team
    * User-friendly A-Z structure with three disticnt levels of entries
    * Fully indexed and cross referenced with detailed references for further study
    Code: Encyclopedia of Hospitality Management.rar



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