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    Hi im reading this book by jude deveraux.

    Its titled: Holly

    its a romantic, fantasy book.

    Great story line if you are into romantic books.

    The plot:

    A relentless campaign by phone, letter, and email has persuaded hollander latham's paernets to purchase the home of her dreams: Spring hill, a beautiful north carolina planation where holly spent her memorable thirteenth summer. Now a successful architect, holly is intent on reuniting with spring hill's neighbour and her love from that long ago summer, wealthy heir laurence beaumont. She dreams of working her way into lorrie's heart while restoring his historic estate, belle chere. But as christmas fast approaches, nick taggert, a mysterious stranger who makes her laugh and tempts her with a surprising passion turns her plans upside down. One man can seduce her with fortune and privilege, the other can promise her the simple gift of love. And on a frost covered christmas night, holly's choice will unmask astonishing truths and hidden dangers, revelations that will forever change her charmed life and her vulnerable heart.

    My opinion:

    This book is really great. The romantic and dream filled pages will keep you drawn to these characters and their rich and exciting lives.

    Jude deveraux is a fantastic tail spinner.

    Let me have your opinion on this book.


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    Thanks For Sharing!!!!!



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