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    fxPhd digiColorTheory dct101
    English | MOV | h264 yuv420p 1024x528 1000 fps | aac 44100 Hz mono | 566MB
    Genre: Video Training

    Taught by Vancouver-based colorist Lorne Miess Digital Colour Theory introduces you to the fundamentals of light and colour when applied to film and television industries. Understanding how to make your images look as photorealistic as possible is the premise for this course. Standard theories of additive and subtractive colour models will be discussed with examples from various media and software packages such as Final Cut Pro and Photoshop.

    Learn what colour enhancement is all about and why you would use it. You ll learn that using different colour correction packages are made easier when you understand the colour theory behind what you want to achieve. This class will cover film and video theory in particular how colour is used creatively as well as technically. This is a great companion course at fxphd to use with courses on the inner workings of Davinci and Lustre. Have some fun with light and colour you ll be amazed when you see what you can achieve.

    Class 1: Light and color theory Part 1: where light comes from how we see it and Part 2: color theory bit depth calibrating broadcast monitors
    Class 2: Introduction to colour correction goals workflow Photoshop demo and understanding video levels
    Class 3: Apple s Final Cut Pro 3-way colour corrector analyzing the video signals matching shots
    Class 4: Colour interpretations matching shots numerical interface secondary colour correction workflow setting black white and gray points numerically
    Class 5: Multiple secondary colour correction current and future technology video standards signal flow and patching legalizing the video signal day-for-night
    Class 6: History of recording colour correction workflow film basics by the numbers spot colour correction
    Class 7: Digital Intermediate workflow 4:4:4 edl s Flexlists and Keycode XML workflow bleach bypass
    Class 8: Luminance keying green and bluescreen keying reversal film look
    Class 9: Colour correction for show openings for digital compositing multilayer correction day-for-night shot revisited
    Class 10: Part 1: Logarithmic vs Linear colour space film basics film printer points dirt fixes and Part 2: Ergonomics focus and defocus noise reduction

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    Code: color theory.part1.rar color theory.part2.rar



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