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    Default Fuzzy Logic - Controls, Concepts, Theories and Applications

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    Fuzzy Logic - Controls, Concepts, Theories and Applications

    "Fuzzy Logic - Controls, Concepts, Theories and Applications" ed. by Elmer P. Dadios
    InTeO | 2012 | ISBN: 9535103967 9789535103967 | 427 pages | PDF | 18 MB

    This book introduces new concepts and theories of Fuzzy Logic Control for the application and development of robotics and intelligent machines. The intended readers of this book are engineers, researchers, and graduate students interested in fuzzy logic control systems.

    The book consists of nineteen chapters categorized into
    1) Robotics and Electrical Machines
    2) Intelligent Control Systems with various applications, and
    3) New Fuzzy Logic Concepts and Theories.

    Part 1 Robotics and Electrical Machines
    1 Humanoid Robot: Design and Fuzzy Logic Control Technique fbr Its Intelligent Behaviors
    2 Application of Fuzzy Logic in Mobile Robot Navigation
    3 Modular Fuzzy Logic Controller fbr Motion Control of Two-Wheeled Wheelchair
    4 Fuzzy Control System Design and Analysis fbr Completely Restrained Cable-Driven Manipulators
    5 Control and Estimation of Asynchronous Machines Using Fuzzy Logic
    6 Application of Fuzzy Logic in Control of Electrical Machines
    Part 2 Control Systems
    7 Fuzzy Logic Control fbr Multiresolutive Adaptive PN Acquisition Scheme in Time-Varying Multipath Ionospheric Channel
    8 Fuzzy Control in Power Electronics Converters fbr Smart Power Systems
    9 Synthesis and VHDL Implementation of Fuzzy Logic Controller fbr Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Scaling (DVFS) Goals in Digital Processors
    10 Precision Position Control of Servo Systems Using Adaptive Back-Stepping and Recurrent Fuzzy Neural Networks
    11 Operation of Compressor and Electronic Expansion Valve via Different Controllers
    12 Intelligent Neuro-Fuzzy Application in Semi-Active Suspension System
    13 Fuzzy Control Applied to Aluminum Smelting
    Part 3 Concepts and Theories
    14 Rough Controller Synthesis
    15 Switching Control System Based on Largest of Maximum (LOM) Defuzzification - Theory and Application
    16 A Mamdani Type Fuzzy Logic Controller
    17 Tuning Fuzzy-Logic Controllers
    18 Fuzzv Control: An Adaptive Approach Using Fuzzv Estimators and Feedback Linearization
    19 Survey on Design of Truss Structures by Using Fuzzy Optimization Methods

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