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    Default Fuzzy Logic - Algorithms, Techniques and Implementations

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    Fuzzy Logic - Algorithms, Techniques and Implementations

    "Fuzzy Logic - Algorithms, Techniques and Implementations" ed. by Elmer P. Dadios
    InTeO | 2012 | ISBN: 9535103936 9789535103936 | 293 pages | PDF | 10 MB

    The purpose of this book is to introduce Hybrid Algorithms, Techniques, and Implementations of Fuzzy Logic. The book consists of thirteen chapters highlighting models and principles of fuzzy logic and issues on its techniques and implementations. The intended readers of this book are engineers, researchers, and graduate students interested in fuzzy logic systems

    Part 1 Hybrid Fuzzy Logic Algorithms
    1 Ambiguity and Social Judgment: Fuzzy Set Model and Data Analysis
    2 From Fuzzy Datalog to Multivalued Knowledge-Base
    3 Resolution Principle and Fuzzy Logic
    4 Standard Fuzzy Sets and so me Many-Valued Logics
    5 Parametric Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Systems
    6 Application of Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System in Supp ly Chain Management Evaluation
    7 Fuzzv Image Segmentation Algorithms in Wavelet Domain
    Part 2 Techniques and Implementation
    8 Fuzzy Logic Approach fbr QoS Routing Analysis
    9 Term Weighting fbr Information Retrieval Using Fuzzy Logic
    10 Artificial Intelligence Techniques of Estimating of Torque fbr 8:6 Switched Reluctance Motor
    11 Engine Knock Detection Based on Computational Intelligence Methods
    12 Fault Diagnostic of Rotating Machines Based on Artificial Intelligence: Case Studies of the Centrais Eletricas do Norte do Brazil S/A - Eletrobras-Eletronorte
    13 Understanding Driver Car-Following Behavior Using a Fuzzy Logic Car-Following Model

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