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    The New Eve

    Robert Lewis, Jeremy Royal Howard, "The New Eve"
    Publisher: B&H B..ks | ISBN: 0805446877 | 2008 | EPUB/MOBI | 272 pages | 3 MB/2 MB

    Best-selling men’s ministry author Robert Lewis knows what you’re thinking: What’s a man doing writing a book about women?

    The answer is: because women strongly encouraged him to do so! Per their request, having seen so many positive changes in the men in their lives, The New Eve is an equally stirring counterpart to Robert’s teachings on authentic biblical manhood, powerfully defining Christian womanhood in the context of the modern world.

    He says, “Many women lack a clear, compelling, biblical vision for what it means to be a Christian woman living in the twenty-first century. They are stuck with images mired in 1950s terminology or given license to indiscrimi*nately pursue a modern life that overlooks divine directives, bringing confusion and regret.”

    In essence, The New Eve sets forth and expounds upon five “Bold Moves” for today’s discerning woman: Live from the Inside Out; Adopt a Biblical Definition of Womanhood; Embrace a Big-Picture Perspective on Life; Live with the End in Mind; Use Wisdom with a Man.




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