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    Default Entrepreneurship - Born, Made and Educated

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    Entrepreneurship - Born, Made and Educated

    "Entrepreneurship - Born, Made and Educated" ed. by Thierry Burger-Helmchen
    InTeO | 2012 | ISBN: 9535102106 9789535102106 | 348 pages | PDF | 5 MB

    This book is divided in three sections: The Psychology of Entrepreneurship; Academia and Entrepreneurship; Macro Effects of Entrepreneurship. It explores the psychology of entrepreneurship, the entrepreneurial intention, the reaction of entrepreneurs in hostile situations, and the possible measure of entrepreneurship in such contexts; cover the educational system from the younger kids to the highest academic level in different countries, and answer the question of the effect of entrepreneurship on the aggregate level.

    Part 1 The psychology of entrepreneurship
    1 The Psychology of Entrepreneurship
    2 Entrepreneurial Intentions: The Role of the Cognitive Variables
    3 Do External Factors Influence Students' Entrepreneurial Inclination? An Evidence Based Approach
    4 Reflections on Eco-Preneurship
    Part 2 Academia and entrepreneurship
    5 The Effect of an Entrepreneurial Training Programme on Entrepreneurial Traits and Intention of Secondary Students
    6 Academic Entrepreneurship and Financial Problems: The Capital Structure of the University Spin-Offs
    7 Entrepreneurship Education and Pupils'Attitudes Towards Entrepreneurs
    8 Entrepreneurship, University Research, and Growth: European North vs. South
    9 Academic Entrepreneurship: What Changes When Scientists Become Academic Entrepreneurs?
    10 University's Entrepreneurship Education: Creating Meaningful Impression for New Generation
    11 Critical Development Paths of University Spinoff Venture
    12 Fostering Entrepreneurship by Developing a New Learning Environment Within a Finnish University of Applied Sciences
    Part 3 Macro effects of entrepreneurship
    13 Fostering Entrepreneurship by Developing a New Learning Environment Within a Finnish University of Applied Sciences
    14 Types of Entrepreneurial Action and Societal Provision for the Future: An Inquiry
    15 Examining the Bidirectional Relationship Between Entrepreneurship and Economic Growth: Is Entrepreneurship Endogenous?
    16 Entrepreneurs' Resilience Measurement




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