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    English For You
    80xDVDRip | AVI / XviD, ~431 kb/s | 352x272 | ~71 hour | English: MP3, 128 kb/s (2 ch) | 17.1 GB
    Genre: English lessons

    "English Education set has been published English set include 3 leves : beginner , Elementary and Intermediate . With the help of the dramas in ours VCDs and the books that are you going to use with the VCDs , you will learn English perfectly."


    Teacher: Molly STONE


    Lesson 1 What's your name?
    Names, alphabet, "be", introductions, goodbyes

    Lesson 2 Greetings and Numbers
    Greetings, numbers, phone numbers, ages, this/that, these/those, singular/plural

    Lesson 3 What does she look like?
    Adjectives: looks, personality, sentence structure (1), but

    Lesson 4 Where are you from?
    Countries, prepositions of location, simple present

    Lesson 5 Do you speak English?
    Nationalities, languages, sentence structure

    Lesson 6 This is My Family
    Family vocabulary, singular/plural, pronoun review, demonstratives review, punctuation

    Lesson 7 These are my relatives
    More family vocab, possessive nouns, simple present- irregular verbs, here/there, or

    Lesson 8 What do you do?
    Job vocabulary, a/an, more simple present, pronunciation: elision (running sounds together)

    Lesson 9 Where do you work?
    Workplaces, prepositions of location, articles, frequency adverbs, spelling of simple present verbs, pronunciation: short o, a, e and y as vowel

    Lesson 10 What time is it?
    Time words, prepositions of time, parts of the day, when? What time?

    Lesson 11 What day is it?
    Days of the week, months, ordinal numbers, holidays, pronunciation: th

    Lesson 12 How is the weather?
    Weather terms, seasons, adjectives for weather, present continuous for weather, pronunciation (short u. a. e. o)

    Lesson 13 What are you wearing?
    Clothing, colours, present continuous

    Lesson 14 The Body
    Body vocabulary, make-up, jewelry, pronunciation: short I and long E

    Lesson 15 What's the matter?
    Vocabulary for health problems, imperative, pronunciation: long A, short E, spelling with silent e

    Lesson 16 Home sweet home
    Vocabulary for rooms, houses, there is/are, pronunciation: long I

    Lesson 17 Tell me about your furniture
    Vocabulary for furniture, prepositions of place, simple pres/pres continuous review, pronunciation: long O

    Lesson 18 I'm Hungry!
    Vocabulary for food, count/non-count nouns, some/any, articles

    Lesson 19 What sports can you play?
    Sports names: Verbs for sports; Present continuous; Can, can't: Be able to: (ability)

    Lesson 20 Yesterday
    Simple Past: Regular and Irregular Verbs; time words

    Lesson 21 What are you going to do?
    Future: Present Continuous as future; be going to; will; time words

    Lesson 22 Invitations

    Pronouns, invitations, polite questions, excuses, other polite expressions

    Lesson 23 My vacation
    Geographical features landmarks

    Lesson 24 Getting there
    Transportation words, simple past, irregular verbs

    Lesson 25 Finding it
    Direction words, prepositions of location

    Lesson 26 Ask me a question
    Question words, Sentence structure

    Lesson 27 Someone knows something
    Indefinite pronouns

    Lesson 28 Review: lessons 1-9
    Lesson 29 Review: lessons 10-18
    Lesson 30 Review: lessons 19 - 27


    Teacher: Nicole JONES


    Lesson 1 Welcome!
    Personal info, family, jobs, holidays; Review to be, numbers, poss. adjectives, simple present

    Lesson 2 Special Days
    Days of the week, months of the year, seasons, prepositions of time

    Lesson 3 Entertaining
    Small Talk; Review introductions, present continuous

    Lesson 4 School Days
    School, Daily schedules, habits

    Lesson 5 Where is it?
    Review prepositions of time, prepositions of place, Intro new prepositions of place

    Lesson 6 Shopping
    Possessive Adjectives, Possessive Pronouns, Clothing

    Lesson 7 For me?!!
    Giving and receiving presents, Indirect objects, Pronouns, Phrasal Verbs

    Lesson 8 Activities
    Can for ability, Can for permission, Should

    Lesson 9 Listen to the music
    Review of should, Intro: may/ might

    Lesson 10 What's for dinner?
    Food dishes, review may/might, intro must/have to

    Lesson 11 He is taller than I am.
    Review descriptive adjectives, intro comparatives

    Lesson 12 What is the tallest mountain?
    Comparatives, Superlatives, Cities, Countries, Geography

    Lesson 13 At home
    Architectural Features, Furniture, Review : there is/ there are, Some/any, Adjectives; Introduction: adverbs,

    Lesson 14 At the station
    Review: wh questions, is there, are there questions; Introduction: can, could, may, would questions

    Lesson 15 Do this
    Imperatives, Sequence Words, Giving Instructions, Devices

    Lesson 16 Past experiences
    Historical events, Simple past/regular - irregular, Used to

    Lesson 17 Future life
    Space, technology, Will/Going to, Quantifiers

    Lesson 18 I wish upon a star
    Hope, wish, Sentence structure

    Lesson 19 World Knowledge
    Parts of the verb, the passive

    Lesson 20 Getting around
    Checking in (at the hotel), Getting around (geographic locations), Asking polite questions, Giving directions

    Lesson 21 Social Groups
    Articles (A/An/The), Determiners: Other/Another/The Other, Possessive adjectives

    Lesson 22 Dining out
    Restaurant/Recipes, Preferences, So, too, either, neither

    Lesson 23 What are your job skills?
    Occupations, abilities, skills; Review: can, able to for ability, present continuous; Intro: gerunds

    Lesson 24 Talking on the phone
    Communication, Review: pronunciation, numbers; intro: taking a message, say-tell-ask

    Lesson 25: The Arts
    Invitations, excuses, complaints, Review: simple past, Introduce: question tags, present perfect

    Lesson 26 Transportation
    City features, Review: count/noncount nouns; Intro: enough, too much, too many, indirect questions

    Lesson 27 Celebrations
    Marriage, birthday, etc.;Review: pres continuous, simple past, sequence adverbs; Intro: past continuous, time clauses

    Lesson 28 Review: lessons 1-9
    Lesson 29 Review: lessons 10-18
    Lesson 30 Review: lessons 19 - 27


    Teacher: Christopher OCONNELL


    Lesson 1 Horror films
    verb tense review

    Lesson 2 Rock n' roll
    Review sentence structure, pronouns

    Lesson 3 Space
    Passive; Simple Present Tense

    Lesson 4 On the farm
    Review modals, introduce passive with modal auxiliaries, ought to, is able to

    Lesson 5 At the hospital
    Review modals, present perfect; introduce past modals, past perfect

    Lesson 6 At the circus
    Review past perfect, hope and wish; introduce present/future conditional

    Lesson 7 At the beach
    Review could, would, might; intro second conditional

    Lesson 8 Crime doesn't pay
    Review 1st, 2nd cond., intro 3rd cond.

    Lesson 9 At the amusement park
    Review gerunds, intro infinitives

    Lesson 10 At the grocery store
    Review adjectives, count/ noncount nouns; intro adjective endings, participles, quantitatives

    Lesson 11 At the playground
    Review subject, verb etc.; intro phrases

    Lesson 12 Under the water
    Review verb tense formation; intro phrasal verbs

    Lesson 13 At the hotel
    Review there is/ there are, some/ any, adjectives; introduction: adverbs,

    Lesson 14 Fairy Tales and Legends
    Review adverbs; intro adverb clauses

    Lesson 15 Christmas
    Review adj./noun clauses, continue adverb clauses

    Lesson 16 In the workshop
    Review and, but, so; intro transition words

    Lesson 17 At the camp
    Review question words; intro noun clauses

    Lesson 18 At the doctors
    Review phrases and clauses; when to use say, ask and tell

    Lesson 19 Review: lessons 1-9
    Lesson 20 Review: lessons 10-18

    I am always adding new things, so check this account often.

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