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    Dorothy Gilman - Complete Pollifax Audiobooks
    MP3 96kbps 44.1kHz | Size: 3.86 GB

    These witty and charming offbeat spy novels are irresistible. And thus I have created this, the complete Mrs. Pollifax novels by Dorothy Gilman. I have processed all these unabridged books in the following ways:

    1. I ripped all of these audio books myself. This was the hardest part, at least in this case, as it was quite difficult to find high-quality versions of all 14 novels. I have released these books before (years ago) but they were not chapterized AND there were errors in 3 of the books. All errors have been fixed in this torrent.

    2. Equalized volume. Several of these audio books had volume discontinuities. I have equalized volumes so there shouldn't be any sudden jumps.

    3. Dehissed and noise-cleaned. When needed, I performed low pass filters and deleted pops in the audio.

    4. FULLY CHAPTERIZED. This took three weeks. Each audio book was compiled into a single file (deleting bits like "end of side one, please turn over this cassette") and then separated into Parts and Chapters as defined by the original books. I find this to be the best way to enjoy audiobooks and it is perfect for iPods.

    5. Encoded all books to a uniform MP3 96kbps 44.1kHz.

    6. ID3 Tagged. All audio book files have been fully ID3 tagged including full COVER ART.

    -------------Included in this collection-------------
    1966 - The Unexpected Mrs. Pollifax
    1970 - The Amazing Mrs. Pollifax
    1971 - The Elusive Mrs. Pollifax
    1973 - A Palm for Mrs. Pollifax
    1976 - Mrs. Pollifax on Safari
    1983 - Mrs. Pollifax on the China Station
    1985 - Mrs. Pollifax and the Hong Kong Buddha
    1988 - Mrs. Pollifax and the Golden Triangle
    1990 - Mrs. Pollifax and the Whirling Dervish
    1993 - Mrs. Pollifax and the Second Thief
    1995 - Mrs. Pollifax Pursued
    1996 - Mrs. Pollifax and the Lion Killer
    1997 - Mrs. Pollifax Innocent Tourist
    2000 - Mrs. Pollifax Unveiled

    plus nearly all the Mrs. Pollifax eBooks




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