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    Title - Dinosaur (Eyewitness Guides)

    Angela C. Milner & David Norman, "Dinosaur (Eyewitness Guides)"
    DK Publishers Ltd l PDF l 74 Pages l 6 MB

    Book Description :

    There is so much to discover and learn about dinosaurs that it is not always easy to take it all in. Often the material is presented in a very dry or dull way. In this wonderful book we are offered a wealth of material in a form that is unique to the Eyewitness books. Not only are there illustrations and copies of prints, but a plethora of photographs are provided as well. The photographs often dominate the page, giving the reader a sense of being almost able to touch the item or animal. There are photos of modern reptiles, of replica dinosaurs, of fossils of every shape and size, of plants, of tools that "Fossil Hunters" use in the field, and of paleontologists working on dinosaur remains to discover their secrets. Every picture and photograph is labeled, and more often than not, it has an accompanying detailed annotation. Actual text is relatively short, yet the reader still receives a great deal of fascinating information about dinosaurs, their times, and how we learn about them. The authors cover both the expected basic topics, including physiology, habits, evolution, and extinction, and a few interesting subjects that are not as commonly discussed.

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