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    Default Construction and Home Improvement Pack 12 of 19 - MIscelaneous

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    Construction and Home Improvement Pack 12 of 19 - MIscelaneous

    Construction and Home Improvement - Pack 12 of 19 - MIscelaneous
    English | Collection Books | PDF | 1.07 GB

    This is my collection of Construction and Home ImprovementKnovel books. Pack 12 of 19.
    Collection's description:
    This is a library of applied technical books and videos.These books are geared at solving practical issues.Their subjects vary considerably and are geared at solving the most common problems or providing information about the most useful trades. Many of the books are DIY and/or Tips.I used quite a few of them.

    Subjects include:
    @Building Construction
    @Fireplaces Stoves and Related
    @Insulation and Weatherproofing
    @Regulations and Codes
    @Repair and Maintenance
    @Structural and Framing

    These are the contents of the Pack 12 of 19 - Miscelaneous:
    All About Basements Attics and Bonus Rooms.pdf
    Diy - Macmillan - Visual Dictionary Do-It-Yourself - Electricity, Masonry, Plumbing.pdf
    Energy Efficiency Manual.pdf
    Fine Homebuilding - Homemade Pan
    Fine Homebuilding - Installing Trim.avi
    Fine Homebuilding - May 2002 - Building Concrete Countertops.pdf
    Fine Homebuilding Video - -Upside Down And Backward- Still Works Best For Crown
    Fine Homebuilding Video - A Jig For Cutting Multiple Dadoes With A
    Fine Homebuilding Video - Bend Sheet Metal Without A
    Fine Homebuilding Video - Cutting Long Stock On
    Fine Homebuilding Video - Painting Tips From A Pro- How To Cut In In A Straight
    Fine Homebuilding Video - Rafter and Stair
    Fine Homebuilding Video - Tape-Measure
    Fine Homebuilding Video - Three router bits to a perfect
    Fine Homebuilding Video - Using A Builder's
    Fine Homebuilding Video - Using A Water
    Guide To Wood Finishing - Old Masters.pdf
    Healthy Housing Renovation Planning.pdf
    Remodeling a Bathroom.pdf
    Tip Sheets
    [ebook] - carpentry - how to build a deck.pdf



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