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    Default Close-Up and Macro Photography

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    Close-Up and Macro Photography

    Close-Up and Macro Photography by Adrian Davies
    Focal Press | English | 2009 | ISBN: 0240812123 | 189 pages | PDF | 10.4 MB

    In this exhaustive guide to macro photography, respected author and photographer Adrian Davies takes a comprehensive approach to the subject, covering every aspect of the multi-faceted and often complicated world of close-up photography.

    Everything about Adrian's approach is both practical and diverse, with optimal output always in mind. His coverage of equipment, for example, goes beyond cameras to cover the application of flatbed and film scanners for close-up shots (2D, 3D, reflective and translucent subjects).

    Seperate sections cover cameras and equipment, lenses, lighting, workflow and image processing. Additionally, a seperate section on 'special subjects' covers techniques for shooting both common macro subjects (including insects, fossils and coins), as well as a range of technical elements such as shiny surfaces, texture, and polarised light. The appendix includes a technical discussion on depth of field, including detailed tables, and a range of optical formulae.

    Clear, concise and comprehensive, and packed with stunning images, this is a must-have purchase for all photographers looking for professional quality macro results.

    * One-stop guide to all things macro by respected author/photographer Adrian Davies
    * Takes a comprehensive approach to a macro workflow, covering every aspect from pre-capture (including selecting equipment from compacts to film scaners) through to post-capture and image processing
    * Packed with stunning macro photographs to inspire the reader and put the information in a practical context

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