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    Default Cage of Eden Volumes 01-17

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    Cage of Eden Volumes 01-17
    English | PNG | 17 Volumes | 1.15 Gb

    Akira Sengoku and his class had just finished their School Trip vacation at Guam and are on their way back home to Japan along with other passengers which include other classes from their school. But their trip takes an unexpected turn when their plane hits a freak turbulence and crashes. After recovering from being unconscious, Akira learns from his friends that they are on a mysterious island filled with extinct prehistoric creatures and plants. With nowhere to go, Akira leads a small group of survivors to find others like them and find shelter so they may find a way to go home and learn the mysteries of the island. However, not only will they have to face the dangerous Fauna and Flora but other human survivors who have gone mad.

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    Code: of Eden.part3.rar of Eden.part2.rar of Eden.part1.rar



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