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    Default Building Surveys and Reports, 4th edition

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    Building Surveys and Reports, 4th edition

    Edward A. Noy, "Building Surveys and Reports, 4th edition"
    Wi ey-Blac well | 2011 | ISBN: 1405197617 | 432 pages | PDF | 12,3 MB

    This book provides guidance on building survey work for typical residential, commercial and industrial buildings, with advice on how to diagnose a wide range of defects. It considers both modern and older construction methods, together with new and traditional materials. The particular problems of alteration and renovation work are discussed, with guidance on how to carry out measured surveys.

    A separate chapter covers survey problems after flood and fire damage, and the legal section takes account of recent developments in case law relating to inspections and surveys of properties.

    This new edition continues to provide a thorough treatment of all the key issues relating to surveying buildings, dealing with the problems that surveyors are likely to encounter when inspecting buildings.

    Changes for the new edition include:
    Examples and references have been updated
    Evaluation of condition rating systems for domestic and commercial buildings
    A new section on the home condition reports
    More information on slate defects
    Bibliography revised and expanded, to make it more comprehensive
    Additional appendix showing the home condition report format




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