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    Default Bill O'Reilly-Killing Lincoln

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    Bill O'Reilly-Killing Lincoln
    English | Publisher: Henry Holt and Co.; First Edition edition (September 27, 2011) | MP3/64Kbps | 215.27 MB

    I am just putting this up here since it has yet to appear. I tend to stay out of politics to keep my sanity. Sorry for the low quality bitrate but it is spoken word so it's fine.
    This book is about the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln and not about politics.
    Voiced by Bill O'Reilly.
    Edit: I have been made aware this only goes to chapter 7. This was the only copy at the time I could find. You might want to look for another if you need the whole book.

    Select "download on low speed" -> "Install and download files for free! (Speed ~ 100 kbs)" to download faster !



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