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    Default Becoming a Critical Thinker, 6th Edition

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    Becoming a Critical Thinker, 6th Edition

    Vincent Ryan Ruggiero, "Becoming a Critical Thinker, 6th Edition"
    Wa...or.. | 2008-06-09 | ISBN: 0618969608 | 228 pages | PDF | 4,1 MB

    Success depends on the ability to think critically. Training and practice turn this ability into a powerful skill. Becoming a Critical Thinker gives students the opportunity to develop this skill in a classroom environment while stressing its application to daily life. Students learn to solve everyday problems, maintain successful relationships, make career choices, and interpret the messages of advertising in a variety of media. Exercises throughout the text encourage them to practice what they read and to apply it to their own lives. Becoming a Critical Thinker breaks up critical thinking into a series of cumulative activities, a unique approach that has made this text a staple of many critical thinking courses.



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