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    Talking Baankelal - Baankelila

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    Bankelal first appeared in the comic book 'Bankelal ka kamal'. According to the book, he is the son of a farmer named 'Nanku' .His mother's name was 'Gulabati'. The couple didn't have any children. Gulabati was a devotee of Lord 'Shiva' and a child was offered to them as a blessing from the Lord. They named the child Bankelal.

    Bankelal doesn't have any so called superhero powers, but he manages to produce some 'magic' by virtue of his 'curse' as he never spares his naughty mind from desining dangerous plots to kill Raja Vikram Singh ,but the curse makes everything turn out good in the end.In the process the readers are offered enough opportunities to laugh their hearts out !!

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