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    Default Amanda Hocking-My Blood Approves book 1

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    Amanda Hocking-My Blood Approves book 1
    English | Publisher: Feiwel & Friends; 1 edition (August 30, 2011) | MP3/64Kbps | 510.20 MB

    This is the first novel in the My Blood Approves series that is written by Amanda Hocking and i was instantly glued. This first novel starts of with two girls, Alice and her friend Jane trying and failing to get into a nightclub. Alice is complaining of sore feet and suceeds in leaving so they can return home. Alice wants to get a taxi but with limited money Jane makes them wait, but waiting attracts the attention of a few unwanted followers and they run to the security of parking garages. They aren't safe there though and as Alice looses track of Jane she finds herself frozen in place at her attackers pursue.
    Jack is a handsome boy and when he arrives, he scares of the attackers and takes the girls for a coffee before returning them home. Jack has taken to Alice and totally ignores Janes advances. He programmes his number into her phone and they start to become rather close friends.
    After a few outings alone they start to meet each others families but Alice feels unwelcome in Jacks home by his brother. His sister in law is instantly in love with her but as see is instantly attracted to Peter he seems rather annoyed by her presence.
    A number of different event take place and after being so secretive for so long, Jack reveals to her that he and his family are vampires. They have a personal interest in Alice, she is meant for Peter apparently which infuriates Jack.
    This storyline is excellent and I was instantly hooked when I began reading. Jack sounds like the ideal boyfriend for Alice but she doesn't feel as acceptable to him as to how she feels about Peter. As the series continues it will be interesting to see what way things work out between the three characters involved. Personally I hope that Alice chooses Jack and that they can work things out with Peter.

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