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    Default 54 Approaches to Managing Change at Work

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    54 Approaches to Managing Change at Work

    54 Approaches to Managing Change at Work
    Gl.o, Ma,nag.em,ent,, LLC | June 26, 2009 | ISBN-10: 1934747025 | 186 pages | PDF | 5.13 MB
    This book is a great resource to help any individual or organization to be successful in an ever changing world. It is filled with practical information and steps that are useful for planning for change at the organizational level, and can also be used as a self help manual for individuals. This book provides step by step instruction in dealing with change, not only at work but in any situation using the "brick wall" analogy. Individuals must first identify and confront change in order to conquer it. From this basic realization that we control our own inner and outer walls, the book outlines steps to overcome the barriers and opportunities that we, as individuals, can actually control.

    Each of the 54 approaches is looked at from both the mindset of someone seeking to implement change, and someone resistant to it (a brick wall). Actions steps are highlighted for each of the two postures making this a very effective resource to be referred to again and again. The approaches are demonstrated using humor along with clear and effective advice specific to ones emotional, personal, and behavioral makeup. Change confronts us every hour of every day, whether awake or in our dreams. Everyone can benefit greatly from the more than 50 specific actions and situations within. There are also many useful personal development tips, assessments, and questionnaires.

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