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    C# 3.0 Cookbook

    Jay Hilyard, Stephen Teilhet, "C# 3.0 Cookbook"
    Publisher: O'Reilly Media | ISBN: 059651610X | edition 2008 | PDF | 888 pages | 4,6 mb

    Completely updated for C# 3.0 and the .NET 3.5 platform, the new edition of this bestseller offers more than 250 code recipes to common and not-so-common problems that C# programmers face every day. Every recipe in the book has been reconsidered with more than a third of them rewritten to take advantage of new C# 3.0 features. If you prefer solutions you can use today to general C# language instruction, and quick answers to theory, this is your book. C# 3.0 Cookbook offers a new chapter on LINQ (language integrated query), plus two expanded chapters for recipes for extension methods, lambda functions, object initializers, new synchronization primitives and more.
    Code: 3.0 Cookbook.pdf



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