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    Default 'New York was completely new to me'

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    Katrina Kaif in New York

    'New York was completely new to me'

    Katrina Kaif goes down a different path in her forthcoming film, New York. The actress sheds the sexy look we've seen in films like Singh Is Kinng, Partner, Welcome and Race, and opts for a 'real, girl-next-door' look.

    Co-starring John Abraham, Neil Nitin Mukesh and Irrfan Khan, Kabir Khan's New York is set against the tragic 9/11 backdrop.

    Katrina spoke to Nithya Ramani about how she's so much like her character, Maya, and why she loved falling in love in the film.

    What is New York about?

    New York starts out like a fun, high energy film set in college -- [where you spend] the best days of your life, not caring about the outside world, big dreams and hopes. All this comes to an abrupt end, forcing these people to take up more responsibility, grow up faster and become more matured.

    It is a roller coaster journey of these characters. And it's been a very endearing journey for me, right from the start -- clearing the script, shooting the film, promoting it, dubbing it... I have learnt a lot during this process.

    I thought it was a genre I would never relate to. But when it was done, I didn't want to leave. I enjoyed being my character, Maya, so much. It opened up a whole new world to me.

    The format of the film is very fresh. I think it can appeal to a large audience.

    Your character is very deglamorous compared to the roles you have played before.

    I wouldn't call it de-glamed. That sounds like applying mud on your face and then performing, trying to look simple. Maya is real. She is the girl next door. She is not a headstrong woman. She's very casual, simple and carefree. The kind of girl everybody knows.

    For me, the 'real' touch to Maya's character was the most special thing about the film. She is more like me than any other character I have played.

    Life takes her on a journey and she becomes a woman, falls in love. I enjoyed that part very much as I could relate to that process in so many ways.

    Katrina Kaif and John Abrham in a scene from New York

    'Kabul Express was good but I thought it was a documentary'

    What made you take up the film?

    I felt it was a new experience for the viewers. It is completely new to me. I have done films based on a similar genre but doing a film like this was really scary and risky. I was very nervous. But I also knew that if this film worked, it could help me in many ways.

    Apparently, you were very skeptical at the start.

    Unhappy is the word. That was the last place in the world I wanted to be. I was wondering why I was on this strange set, which was outside my comfort zone. I didn't know any of these people. But by the time the film got over, I didn't want to go home. We got so attached to these characters and had such an amazing time.

    Were you apprehensive about doing a film with Kabir Khan, whose debut film, Kabul Express, didn't do well?

    The first question I asked him was that if he was doing a film like Kabul Express. He said no. Kabul Express was good but I thought it was a documentary. He said that it was a documentary because it was meant to be one. But he assured me that New York was a commercial and entertaining film. He asked me to trust him. I am glad I did because when I saw the film, I was moved.

    Katrina Kaif and John Abraham in a scene from New York

    'Irrfan has this way of staring at you that makes you go weak in your knees'

    How was it working with your co-stars, John Abraham, Neil Nitin Mukesh and Irrfan Khan?

    I met Irrfan just two minutes before the shoot. We introduced ourselves, and were ready for the shot.

    When Kabir called action, I went into this fit of giggles. I felt like a shy school girl. Everyone was wondering what happened to me. I got myself together and got ready for the second take. But I burst into another fit of laughter. It happened for nine takes.

    But I just couldn't look into his eyes. He has this way of staring at you that makes you go weak in your knees. I couldn't say my lines. It was really funny and unexpected.

    When Neil met me, he said hello in a hoarse voice. I was taken aback then. He has become a good friend now.

    Even John and Kabir have become great friends. They took such good care of everybody on the unit.

    Nobody was a star on the sets. Everyone bonded with everyone.

    Katrina Kaif in New York

    'I want people to see the side of Neil that I see'

    What's next?

    Rajkumar Santoshi's Ajab Prem Ki Gajab Kahani and Priyadarshan's De Dhana Dhan. Rajniti will start in September or October.

    You have a serious role there as well.

    It's a serious role in a commercial film. I am very clear about what I want to do. I will never do a film which will not have entertainment value. By that, I don't mean you need to laugh. It could be any kind of emotion -- laughter, romance, anything.

    This Saturday, you will feature on Salman's 10 Ka Dum with Neil. What can we expect?

    I always find myself on the sets of 10 Ka Dum with people who never let me talk. It was fun! I want people to see the side of Neil that I see. He's fun and innocent. Salman and he bonded very well and shared great chemistry. I felt like the odd one out but it's okay. I hope the show comes out well.

    John Abraham, Katrina Kaif, Neil Nitin Mukesh from New York

    'I don't remember my father'

    How do you react to rumours that link you with John, and that Neil called you sweetheart and upset Salman?

    Even when I hear you saying this, it sounds so weird and ridiculous. None of us are bothered to give these stories any credibility. Newspapers have a job to fill the entertainment pages. Nobody takes it seriously. I am sure our audiences are matured enough to understand that this is only fun. You read it, laugh it out and carry on with your day.

    Father's day is around the corner. Any favourite memory you can share with us?

    My parents separated while I was very young. I don't remember my father.

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