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    Default Yesteryear sexy seductress is back!!

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    Yesteryear seductress, Ramya Krishna is set to return to films after some gap. Ramya Krishna is agreed to play the role of Mother-in-law to Allari Naresh in his new socio-fantasy film.

    She was reportedly paid a bomb as remuneration for this film to do the role of aunty to Allari Naresh and what's more, she will also be performing for remix of the super hit number - Atto Attamma Kuturo.

    Atto Attamma Kuturo was the popular raunchy number from Megastar Chiranjeevi starrer Alludaa Mazaka (1995) in which Ramya Krishna played as one of the heroines while senior actress Lakshmi played the role of aunty.

    In the song, Chiranjeevi romanced with his mother-in-law (Lakshmi) and as well as her daughters (Ramya Krishna and Rambha) and the song and the movie created huge controversy after its release.

    Now, in its remix song, Allari Naresh will be dancing with his love interest newcomer Richa Panya and Ramya Krishna.

    Interestingly, the controversial Alludaa Mazaka was directed by Allari Naresh's father and the film's music director Koti is also composing music for this film too. More details coming soon.

    -shan the leader



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