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    Default What’s worrying Priyanka Chopra??

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    Now, we are all aware about Priyanka Chopra’s love for music and her upcoming music album, which will be out very soon. We also know that besides singing in her album, the actress has even penned the wording of the songs.

    Well, now the actress is a bit worried. Reason: Priyanka fears that most of her life secrets may be revealed in her songs, as the lyrics is a lot about her.

    “You know, the more I’ve written, the more I’ve realised I’m spilling out my life in the music and it’s really scary because I’m a very private person and when I read my lyrics I go, ‘My God, it’s me!’ You can tell so much about people by just reading their lyrics,” Priyanka is quoted as saying by Gulf News.

    Priyanka is hoping to record a single soon and is looking forward to it.

    “We’re hoping to record a single in the next couple of months and let’s see where it leads,” added Priyanka who was in Dubai to promote her film Don 2 with Shahrukh Khan.
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