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    Default I wonder why I wasted all that time being fat: Sonakshi

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    In showbiz, where business overrides emotions, Sonakshi Sinha, 25, is seen as the girl with the Midas touch. With the exception of Shirish Kunder's Joker, a film that even a magician couldn't have saved, this star-beti has struck gold with Dabangg, Rowdy Rathore, Son of Sardaar and Dabangg 2. Excerpts from a quick conversation with Bollywood's darling of the masses:

    How has the journey between the two Dabanggs been?
    It's been a whirlwind, though nothing much has changed on many fronts. Salman is still the most straightforward guy I have met in the industry. He doesn't hesitate to tell me anything. Also, I'm still a baby around him. His family has known me since I was 17. Even today, they treat me the same way they had when I first met them.

    Two years and four super-hits. Does it seem unreal?
    I don't pinch myself wondering how all this happened, because I have worked hard every day of the last couple of years to get here. I'm eternally grateful for the fact that I'm doing what I like best. I thank my stars for it. I wonder why I wasted all that time being fat. I should have lost weight and started acting earlier. But as they say, things happen when they are meant to. Dabangg was the best start I could have got. From then on, it's been a combination of hard work, luck and everything put together.

    Several actresses have been crowing about being part of the 100-cr club. How does it feel to have three films there?
    This 100-cr phenomenon is a fairly new thing. Business has grown, so our films are getting those numbers. Though success is paramount, I have never felt the need to talk about numbers, because I'm more concerned about the feedback I get for my performances. It gives me a high if people recall scenes from my films. For instance, I got a lot of compliments for the climax scene of Rowdy Rathore where I squat in the middle of the road and give an earful to the villain. That kind of feedback makes me very happy.

    What draws you to a role?
    If you look at my future choices Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai 2, Lootera, the Thuppakki remake or Bullet Raja you'll see one thing in common. When I sign a film, I ask myself one question. That is, whether I would like to see these films as an audience. If the answer is yes, I go ahead with my choice.

    Actors often talk of how they are overworked and do not find quality time to do anything. Is that true with you?
    I like shooting continuously. If I don't shoot for two-three days, I get restless. I wouldn't know what to do with myself. I only want to be talked about for my work. I have no desire to party or do anything else for that matter.

    You recently took a five-day break in Thailand?
    I worked like a dog for an entire year. And everyone around me felt I should take a short break. So, I flew to Phuket and became a beach bum for five days. Check out my came out of lying on the beach doing nothing.

    Can you recall the one defining moment when you decided that you didn't want to be a fashion designer and would prefer to be an actress instead?
    Everything has gone by in a blur. I was studying to be a fashion designer and despite being a star daughter, I had no intentions of becoming an actor. The phone call from Salman, offering me Dabangg, came out of the blue. I wasn't sure whether I would continue acting after my first film. But when Dabangg became a blockbuster and I got a positive feedback, I felt films were my calling. Before I knew it, I had signed on Rowdy Rathore, Joker and Son of Sardaar and I started to love what I was doing. Now, I am shooting 24/7.

    One hears that when you were in Bihar a few months ago, you were overwhelmed (even slightly agitated) with the adulation you received?
    Being Bihari Babu's ( Shatrughan Sinha) daughter is something else. I've been to Bihar before I became an actor for my father's election campaign and even then, I was treated like royalty. Post Dabangg, the adulation of the people has grown manifold. When I saw their reaction, I got slightly agitated and wondered if I'd be able to handle it. Then I realised that all of it wasn't because of my own achievements. A lot of the attention and adulation that I get in Bihar is because of the fact that I am my father's daughter. He has tremendous goodwill and I value the love I get for being Bihar ki beti. It is also a huge responsibility and I remind myself of that all the time.

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