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    Default Wish for a gadget that can erase memories: Tejaswini

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    I am crazy about gadgets and I land up getting something new and different every time. My first gadget was a digital diary. I bought it myself after doing a lot of research. In fact it still works. I wanted to keep it as my address book but I hardly used it then. My current lifeline is my smartphone though. I work on my phone, sending emails, facebook, chatting, and so much more.

    Recently, when my Mac book crashed, my cellphone saved me. I was able to respond to emails and also check things on online. I am quite addicted to my phone, according to my father. Whenever I am with him, I turn it on the silent mode, as he hates the constant beeps. On the other hand, I think my husband is addicted to his phone. He is constantly surfing, while I fume, as he hardly interacts with me.

    My latest possession
    I got myself the ihome docking station for my ipod. I think, it's perfect for me since I travel a lot, and I love music on the move in my room where ever I am. I also bought a Canon 550 D camera. I love clicking pictures, and always wanted to own a high-end camera. It also HD recording feature, so possibilities are immense.

    Ah! I wish, I wish
    In Men In Black there's a gadget that can erase memories. I'd want to have it.

    My tech guide

    Some of my friends are totally into gadgets and technology. Once in a while, I check with them about what gadgets I need to upgrade to.



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