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    Default If we win, I'll fly: SRK

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    Shah Rukh Khan is indefatigable


    He’s in South Africa to cheer the ‘boys’; injured shoulder notwithstanding. But he spoke to BT minutes before departure, not without his usual brand of positivity and humour. And he intends to hold the IPL trophy aloft with his Knightriders this time — but that’s something he’s not telling ‘how’!

    So SRK, all set for South Africa? India will miss you!

    Hey. Don’t make it sound so bad. I will miss India. Especially Kolkata. It was intended this way. But I’m so emotional about this that I intend to dash back in May, assuming we’re doing well, Inshallah, and doing something special in Kolkata with the people.

    Still, a tournament that’s primarily ‘Indian-owned’, will it fly in Arica?

    Look, it may be a foreign country, but the passion for cricket is common. And cricket is an international passion. The cricketers are international, too. So they’re recognisable faces. And though no one can match the craze that Indians have for the game, which is something I’ll miss and something that makes the Indian board the best in the world, it’s still cricket. Also, I think that people in South Africa love me, my films and my shows there, so I should have an advantage.

    African beats seem to be pulsating through your new music video too?

    Yes. We took Vishal Shekhar’s composition and infused some wildness into it. At first, I thought I wouldn’t be part of it with my injured shoulder, but I couldn’t resist. This one has some naughty, nasty, wicked lyrics and beats added. It’s ‘cool’ like the youngsters say.

    How confident are you about your team this time? Last time you were disappointed...

    Not disappointed, I was sad. I wished success for the boys who stuck it out with us. It wasn’t as much SRK’s team as it was their own. I was sad because my son was sad about it. We hope to raise the standard this time. Now that the venue has shifted, losing is NOT an option. But NOT learning to be losers is an option that’s always with us.

    Today IPL season is considered ‘no release’ zone for movies. Do you feel a sense of guilt when movies don’t fare well or do not release at all?

    You know, I’ve always been passionate about sports. I want to promote it in every which way. And I’m an entertainer. I love the big stage. I do movies, TV, stage-shows, sports – whatever it takes. Yes, IPL did affect some last year, it hit my TV show too. But we’ve tried to work around exams, holidays and made it easier. It’s just another entertainment platform and more and more like Bollywood what with Preity, Juhi, Shilpa and many more joining in.

    Last year, you wrapped your legs around Shoaib Akhtar in excitement? This year?

    This year, post surgery, I can’t even raise my hand to signal ‘sixes’. I can only signal ‘fours’. No leg wrapping around this time. I will refrain. But if we win, then leave alone jumping, I’ll fly.

    And now that you’ve shaken hands with Aamir, will another Khan be next?

    Like I’ve said before, I don’t plan so far ahead as to how my day will unfold, or who I have to shake hands with. I don’t strategize about those things. I simply strategize about how to win on the field and in the movie theatres.”

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    thnx even ill fly



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