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    Shabana Azmi was in Kabul recently, invited by the UN to speak in a global meet on violence against women.

    She told DT that it was a changed Kabul from the one she had seen 30 years ago. “It was quite a happening do because we were the delight of Kabul and their state guests then. President Najibullah sang Mujhhe Tumse Kuch Bhi Na Chahiye for us!”

    But the lady was sad to see Kabul now. “Everything is devastated, there are guns everywhere,” she sighs. “But amid this poverty and destruction, the women I met were some of the strongest I have ever seen,” says Shabana. “They are extremely articulate and extremely brave.

    There were women there who have been in positions of power and are now receiving threats, being harassed and sometimes even killed. So rather than me giving them any kind of strength, apart from, of course, expressing my solidarity, these women gave me strength.

    I came back stronger from there. These are the real heroes, even with all the guns and misery around, they are brave and strong.”

    Talking about her films, Shabana says she feels fortunate to have a long-term relationship with most of her on-screen daughters. “It mostly starts off with them being wary in the beginning, thinking that I’m going to be stiff, which I am not! So they like it when they get to know that I’m wild and whacky and extremely informal. I really think it’s up to the older person to put the younger person at ease. I have a very close and very warm relationship with Urmila and Konkona.

    Konkona’s nickname Koku was given by me and she calls me Munni, which is a name only her mother Aparna or Rekha call me. It’s my ghar ka naam.”

    Shabana also speaks fondly of her latest screen daughter, Goldy Notay, whom she has worked with in Gurinder Chadha’s forthcoming It’s A Wonderful Afterlife.

    “She’s such a sweetheart. She has all these cute notions about feminism. She was complaining one day about how her partner wanted her to make him breakfast in the morning, and I asked her what the harm was in that! She asked me why the man should take for granted that it was something she should do. I told her not to let feminism come between love.

    If your partner is delighted with you doing something for them and they’re also doing things for you because of love, then why not? Now we keep exchanging emails asking each other how much weight we’ve lost, because for Gurinder’s movie, we had to put on a lot.

    I have already lost 10 kgs just by stitching my mouth shut and not eating any junk! This is going to be one crazy movie about a fat mother and a fat daughter. How my character does things to find her daughter a perfect groom will be the fun bit in the film.”

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