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    Default wife-to-be is scared of Vivek’s acting…

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    Vivek Oberoi recently made his to-be-wife, Priyanka Alva, watch his latest film Rakta Charitra.
    Wanna know what her exact reaction was after watching Vivek slitting throats with sickle and shooting down people without as much as a flinch?
    “Yes, I have shown the film to her. She took a deep breath, looked at me and said, ‘You are brilliant.’ Then she took another deep breath and remarked, ‘I hope I never see you this angry in real life’,” Oberoi is quoted as saying in an interview.
    Vivek also revealed that he and his fiancée have already started planning their home together.
    Awww how adorable… … Love is in the airrrr…



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