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    Default For me, my wife is my boss: Akki

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    Your audience is used to the hit Katrina-Akshay pairing. Do you think the Kareena-Akshay jodi will weave the same magic?
    Iím hopeful and confident about the pairing. Kambakkht Ishq needed someone like her ó someone who could break a heart with her looks and yet have hands tough enough to break a jaw. Kareena fit the bill. This is a film about the battle of sexes, of male versus female and verbal altercations. I think it is the Indian version of
    Mr & Mrs Smith.

    Would you say thereís too much hype surrounding your upcoming release?
    You cannot measure hype. Itís peopleís verdict that counts. I am currently outside India and have no idea about the hype surrounding the film. This might be about the roller-coaster ride of a stuntman in Hollywood, but KI has a very Indian story, in the format of a romantic comedy. The male lead is an MCP. He doesnít believe in marriage but is left shattered when in love. My character gets to romance a Bond girl and Superwoman Kareena. Personally, I donít believe in this character. After all, I have a beautiful wife and live with my mother and sister. For me, Men are from Mars and Women from Heaven.

    And Bond girl Denise Richards has gone on record saying that you are a great kisser. Your reaction...
    It is a compliment. I donít have to react as I did it for the film. You donít get any feeling when shooting such sequences. Itís roll camera and action with 5,000 people watching.

    Did you have to justify your lip-locking acts with Denise and Kareena to Twinkle?
    Twinkle is from the same profession and is aware of it all. In fact, it happened in front of her.

    When you talk of a tussle of ego between the sexes, isnít oneupmanship true for all relationships?
    For me, my wife is my boss. The secret to a happy married life is to let your wife rule the roost.

    Moving back to your profession, itís rumoured that you prefer an international maxim to your projects...
    Iíve been questioned often whether Iíll be Hollywood bound. But my point is, why go there when you can bring Hollywood to Bollywood? Since my character is a stuntman in Hollywood, we needed stars from that industry. And as far as inclusion of foreign bands or singers are concerned, I might put in a suggestion but finally, it is the director or producerís prerogative.

    How essential is it for your films to make headlines?
    It is not that important. But if that happens, Iím okay with it.

    Having worked with Sly and Denise, how has your experience been?
    Theyíre normal, down-to-earth persons, more so, with Sly. With two action people around, we used to talk about our broken bones.

    Your films have a generous dose of action. Ever feel like trying out something different?
    I did a Tasveer 8x10 and people rejected it. Though I personally liked it. The audience wants to be entertained and that is what I did. I am good at comedy and romance. So, I intend to stick with it.

    You seem to be setting physical challenges for yourself and overcoming them...
    I have tried different kinds of action in films, from martial arts to the cable work. In Blue, Iíve tried educating people about underwater stunts. Iíve got so much from this industry that I feel itís payback time now.

    You had some pretty close encounters with sharks in Blue...
    That was a really bad encounter.

    On such occasions do you ever feel that you need to ease up because you have a family back home?
    It does cross my mind. But then again, it enters from one end and leaves out the other. After all, a man has to do what he has to do.

    How would you take it if your son chose to live an action-packed life?
    He is too young right now. Letís take it up when he reaches the right age.

    Finally, what makes Akshay Kumar so larger-than-life?
    Thatís not just true of me but of the other stars. I need to entertain my audience. Thatís what KI is all about. Donít try to find logic in the film.

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