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    Default What's Shah Rukh doing in B-school?

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    Shah Rukh Khan is all set to quiz some more.

    Shah Rukh Khan

    But this time around, it is not the aspiring crorepatis of the country who will face his rapidfire questions, but students of a B-school. Yes, Indian Institute of Planning and Management (IIPM) has roped in SRK to host their annual business and marketing quiz, not just for this time, but for the next three years.

    To be held in association with Planman Media’s magazine, 4Ps Business and Marketing, the idea is to make this India’s premiere B-school quizzing event. Well, quizzes sure are big on the annual festival list of every business school, but IIPM wants it to be an important annual calendar event in the B-school fest circuit, by not only having SRK host it, but also by making sure that a huge number of international B-schools participate in this quiz. IIPM already boasts of a faculty from various Ivy League colleges from across the world.

    Says Arindam Chaudhuri, Dean, IIPM, “The idea is to bring world-class elements in terms of education and the campus life of the students. At IIPM, we have laptopsWiFi campuses for all students, leading faculty from Ivy League B-Schools. We take all our students abroad for study tours in partnership with top B-Schools like Haas, Darden, Judge or McComb. And even this year, IIPM has already placed more than 2200 students in India and 45 students abroad!”

    But why Shah Rukh? “Who else in India can make an event global by his sheer global popularity than Shah Rukh? He is perceived as the face of intelligent Bollywood because of his ‘Economics’ education background, his suave marketing skills and sharp intelligence. He is obviously the natural choice,” says Arindam. The finale of the quiz show, which will also be a part of the annual IIPM B-school fest – Amaze — will be held in Delhi — at the IIPM campus in Satbari. When asked, SRK was his usual staccato short self, “I am coming to IIPM and it will be nice to be there.”

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