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    Default Weddings are private: Rahul’s sis

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    The Mahajans have a way of making it to the headlines. This time it is Rahul, who tied the knot, for the second time, with a 21-year-old Bengali model and item girl in a televised event on Saturday which was attended by his mother, but not his sister.

    Poonam Mahajan-Rao, who had always stood by her elder brother during the darkest phases of his life - the drug scandal for instance – was missing from the scene.

    This sent the media and commentators in a tizzy, as Rahul and his spokespersons found themselves struggling to deal with speculations that Poonam, who is a BJP youth wing leader, wanted to stay away from the reality drama.

    After considerable effort, Mirror managed to speak to Poonam. “I am a very private person, and for me, an event like a marriage is a private affair.” However, Rahul’s ‘private affair’ was a high-voltage mega-TRP-driven event with millions watching it live as it unfolded. When asked why she didn’t join in the much-watched ceremony, Poonam defended, “I am the kind of person who prefers to sit at home rather than make a show out of things. I even keep my son’s birthday party as private as possible. That’s how I am.”

    Incidentally, Poonam was very much around when Rahul married his childhood sweetheart Shweta in a private ceremony in 2006. They divorced two years later.

    Speaking about her own wedding which was a low-key affair, Poonam said, “Ten years ago, I made a choice of getting married to the person I wanted to. Now, Rahul has made his choice and being his sister support him entirely.”

    When asked if there are any differences within the Mahajan family over Rahul’s choice and decision, Poonam said, “Rahul is my elder brother and his decisions are totally his. I will be there for him just like I’ve always been there for him, even during the tough times. I wish him all the luck with this marriage. Together, we want to take forward our father’s legacy by helping each other.”

    Not just Poonam, missing from what was purported to be Rahul’s big day was his uncle Gopinath Munde, BJP national general secretary and MP. Munde has been constantly by the side of late BJP leader Pramod Mahajan’s family since he was shot dead three years ago by younger brother Pravin.

    BJP sources said Munde along with national president Nitin Gadkari and leader of state legislature Eknath Khadse were in Nashik for their felicitation. “The felicitation programme was finalised few months ago and Munde had accepted the invitation. In fact he made it a point to attend the Nashik event as his absence at previous felicitation event in Aurangabad was being blamed on intra party tussle with Gadkari,’’ a party leader remarked.

    But the speculations over Poonam’s absence refuse to die down. “Poonam may have deliberately avoided not to attend the much publicised wedding show for political reasons. She is keen to establish herself politically and does not want to get embroiled in any controversy,’’ the source said.

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