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    Arrow Warring Ekta and Rajiv fianlly make up

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    Warring Ekta and Rajiv fianlly make up
    By Subhash K Jha

    The czar of television Ekta Kapoor is rather meanly known for her queenly contempt for actors who leave Balajee to pursue a career in films.

    However the truth is otherwise. Ekta has been the epitome of co-operation as far as furthering her protegees' career is concerned.

    When her blue-eyed girl Prachi Desai left Balajee to become Farhan Akhtar's sceen queen in Rock On Ekta was admittedly hurt.

    But she soon came to terms with the changing equations in Prachi's career and said, "Honestly. Prachi is like part of our family. My father, mother and I have adopted her. But as a producer I tortured the hell out of her.

    I made her work harder than any of my actors just because I was so close to her. Prachi feels that was unfair. But I didn't want to be accused of favouritism. Now she's moved on. I want Prachi to give films a sincere try. I've told her to keep away from television for 6-8 months to focus on films. If, God Forbid, it doesn't work out we're there for her."

    The new power-packed magnanimous Ekta strikes again!

    She has apparently forgotten the sense of betrayal that assailed her when Rajiv Khandelwal walked out of her premium show Kahiin To Hoga at the peak of its popularity.

    "I had no choice," says Rajiv recalling those days of his dominance on the home medium. "Television became mechanical and monotonous. I'd have become creatively stifled if I continued.

    Yes, it has been a financially difficult for me to wait for three years to move to the large screen. But finally it all seems worth it.

    Because even the film I've chosen as my debut is as far removed from television and from what other big-screen debutantes do as possible. I'm sure Ekta will be proud of me when she sees the film."

    Alas, Ekta won't be attending Rajiv's premiere on June 5, because as a rule she doesn't attend premieres.

    However she's going many steps further. She has promised to pray for Rajiv's success on celluloid when she visits Tirupathi-Balajee on June 6.

    Says Rajiv, "The first week of June is very special for Ekta. It's her birthday on June 7 and Sarkar Raj which releases along with my Aamir is being distributed by her. So Ekta will be making a very special trip to Tirupathi-Balajee. I was very touched when she said she would pray for my film."

    So which film will Rajiv watch first? His own or the one where Ekta has financial stakes?

    "Sarkar Raj," comes the prompt reply. "Not only for Ekta's sake but because I'm a huge fan of Mr Bachchan.. I'd first see his film and then rush to catch my own."



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