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    Default Vyjayanthimala grieves for her Rakhi brother Bal Thackeray

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    She is in Ludhiana with her son Suchindra to attend a family wedding. But dancer-actress Vyjanthimala is on no mood for celebrations.

    ďI canít believe Balasaheb is gone. Itís a very personal loss to me. We shared a very close association and friendship. He was my raakhi brother and very dear to both me and my husband. I am very very sad to know heís gone. He meant so much to me and my family. Doctor Sahib (husband Dr Bali), Balasaheb and I go back a long way. We knew each other for decades. Iíve even attended Shiv Sena meetings with my husband in Mumbai. I called on him recently. And he was so wonderful with me. Normally he doesnít spend too much time with any one guest because there are so many people there to meet him. But he spent a good 45 minutes with me. Do you know, he gifted me with statues depicting Pandurang Vitthala and Rakhubai Vitthala. Beautiful black statues which are the pride of my possession. And Balasheb said, ĎWhenever you perform your Marathi dance drama you must keep the statues on stage with you.í They were packed meticulously into a crate and hand-delivered to me in Chennai. They looked light. But they turned out to be solid stone.

    Iíve so many beautiful memories of Balasaheb. The last time I met him his son Uddhav and daughter-in-law Rashmi also joined us. He served me poha and he also served idli which he had specially got made for me. When I was leaving he said, ĎBehna, donít forget to send me my raakhi.í I told him, ĎEven if I am not here my raakhi will definitely reach you.í Iíve lost a brother and a dear friend.Ē



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