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    Actor Vivek Oberoi, who is paired with Mallika Sherawat in Sanjay Khaduri's "Kismat Love Paisa Dilli" (KLPD), has tried to challenge his acting skills in the film and says that he is ready to bear the consequences.
    "Some of my films are challenges, and some are safe bets. With KLPD, I wanted to step out of my comfort zone. I knew it might not work and people might laugh at me, but I was ready for it," the 36-year-old told us.
    In 'KLPD', releasing Friday, Vivek plays a Delhi guy and says that it was not easy.
    "The whole character was totally new for me. I have never played such a role before. He checks out girls, flirts with them. I had never done all this. Even in my college days I had not been like this. In Mumbai, we are a little more polished," he said.
    "I had to learn all this, I had to go to the Delhi University. I spent time with the hostel boys. I learned their whole vocabulary and the way they talk," he added.



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